Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ready to celebrate

Ready to celebrate Christmas with my parents this evening. The tree is decorated, the presents wrapped- only the food still needs to be prepared and the table set...

The wooden figures I bought on etsy got their place on our olive-christmas-tree. The girls love them too.

I discovered some new, wonderful food-blogs (yes- I am very much into food again... wish I would have more time to actually try new things...)- I will share some links with you some time soon.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

holiday craft

Fitting to both holidays- Hanukkah and Christmas- we made some colourful lights. It's something I used to do when I was a kid and when Neomi saw a picture here I decided to go for it. We used wheatpaste a glue- would probably have been better with the glue "lilla a" used, since bothe girls got annoyed after a while because of their sticky fingers :-)

tear thinpaper in small pieces

glue them to the glasses

after a while Helen prefered to glue them on paper... why not...

happy Christmukka


Today is the last day of Hanukkah- the festival of lights. I had enough of all those celebrations- especially since this year it is at the exactly same time as Christmas. Anyway- what I always like is the evening with the fire-show. The youngsters from the kibbutz prepare everything by themselves and everyone is comming to take a look. All the kids have lanterns and it is a nice atmosphere. Afterwards there was a soup-dinner in the dining room where there are typical decorations of paper cuts that look very nice- see below.

We also celebrated Christmas with the other Christian-Jewish families of the kibbutz... we are getting more every year (more kids, that is :o)
We went for a walk in the dark in search of Santa, found a decorated tree in the fields and met Santa. Later we hade some good hot wine and various cakes and the kids opened presents and we played games.
At home we will celebrate with a delay tomorrow because my parents will arrive today for a visit. I am already looking forward to meet them again!

Saturday, 24 December 2011


IN the middle of all the Christmas and Hannukah celebrations we found time to finally clear our garden from the huge piles of leaves and collect the last nuts that keep falling down.
We have enough nuts for the whole year- to bake bread and cakes and cookies... and to just eat like this.

Some more on our Hannukah and Christmas celebrations later on.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

comenting problems

No- there's no snow here... I just long for snow and posted a picture from one of our visits to my parents when there as a lot of snow... this was how the back-jard looked in the early morning... it was so beautiful...
And my parents and sisters send me now pictures of snow and write about snow walks and going out with the sledge... it's not fair...

Apart from this I am getting more and more annoyed about a problem I have with comenting on other blogs. Since months I am trying to solve this. If I open the blogs with google chrome, there's no problem- if I do the same with explorer, I can't coment with my profile on most blogs (if they have pop-up windows it's working)... and I don't have google chrome available all the time... maybe one of you knows what to do...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

another week passed

I survived a week alone with the girls while my husband was in the States. Although still tired a lot, I feel so much better now. My husband came back and spoiled us rotten with presents. He bought new shoes and jeans for the girls and for me and him new jackets, I got a new pullover.... and the girls each a new "pet"- Helen the above cameleon (she's not going anywhere without him now) and Neomi a fish (Nemo).... prices must be soooo low in the States now with all those sales and extra sales and discounts...
All those things would have cost here much more.

It's kind of snowing in our garden... not snow, but yellow leaves from the pecan tree. We made huge piles of leaves and jumped into them... it's so much fun!
And we made fresh orange juice...

The Christmas-present for the girl also took shape over the weekend. It's not finished yet- still some things missing. My husband started to build the stable. That's how it looks so far:

Since we will celebrate Christmas only on the 28th (my parents will arrive on the 27th) we still have a bit time to finish.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

back to food...

It's great- I can think about food again! After almost 2 months... I can finally read food blogs again, think about cooking, open the fridge, go grocery shopping WITHOUT feeling sick! How great is this?
So to celebrate with you- here some nice links:
Love the wintersalad above- although I can't get all ingredients here. From foto e fornelli (German and Italian)

Mmm... some salmon would be nice too- with latkes (a kind of potato pancake... typically for the Jewish Hannuka-holiday that is comming up next week)- from Chili und Ciabatta (German only)

I love apple tarts- but this one is a special version with apple compote and it looks so wonderful.... from tartelette.

And this way of making french toast is just perfect for this time of the year! From Sweet Paul.

Apart from all this I have strange carvings- which I did not have during the other two pregnancies... sauerkraut with sausages, red cabage with apples, anything sour and good meat (even though I don't eat much meat generally... and I could even live without).

Bon Appetit- or as we say in Swissgerman: E Guete!

Monday, 12 December 2011

the season of the citrus fruits

Saturday was beautiful weather- like most days now. Cold (for Israel), but lovely, clean air and strong colours. I love the yellow leafes against the blue sky (not all trees here lose their leafes).We went for a walk inside the Kibbutz and picked some oranges and kumquats and red grapefruits. Of course from trees we know we are allowed to pick from- I hate when people just sneak into privat/ half privat gardens and pick everything... same with our pecan nuts- some people think they can just come and collect all the nuts from the ground in our garden!
I even managed to make a small amount of kumquat-jam. I love the bitter-sweet taste of it.

The girls went on their tractor-tour and climbed every tractor they saw... and later they played in the first heap of fallen leafes in our garden.

This week my husband is in the States and I am home alone with the girls. Thank God I feel better and manage to cook. I trick the girls into going to sleep early- otherwise I would fall asleep before they do...

second birthday

On Friday we celebrated Helen's second birthday. Such a big girl already! Already since weeks she was all excited about her big day. We made a small celebration at home with one set of grandparents. But presents also came from Switzerland. Here two handmade things:
A paper cut card from my mother- I will frame it and hang it in Helen's room.

My sister Sara (she's Helen's godmother) made a lovely towel with a whale (a bit wrinkled from the package...).

I finally also manage dto finish the christmas-presents for my sisters and their families and sent the package yesterday. For my niece I made a small wooden elephant as part of her present.

Monday, 5 December 2011

a december-walk

It is quite cold since weeks (cold in Israel means around 8 degrees Celsius in the mornings) and dry... But since rain came early this year we have already quite green fields. On Saturday we went for a walk through the fields with the kids. The first flowers are out- I especially like the wild growing daffodils.

I feel a bit better these days...
Right now I could live on hot cacao, gingerbread (Yes- I managed to bake gingerbread... now I should get started with the christmas-cookies) and good dark bread with avocado...

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, 2 December 2011


December started. I even managed to hang the advent-calender with all the small presents. This year the presents are mostly books (not new one, but with stories for this time of the year) and creative stuff.

Yesterday someone in my office cut a lot of paper and I took all the left over stripes and I taught Neomi how to weave. She was not very patience but she managed a small piece. Next time will be easier.

Today there were feathers in all kinds of colours inside the calendar and we made some collages with them and with paper. The girls really enjoyed it and they were occupied for quite a while. Some of the collages we will leave at the windows- they look nice when light shines through.
( I put some plastic sheet that is sticky on one side on the windows, the girls stuck the feathers and paper on the sheets and then I covered the collages with another sheet)

Have a happy weekend!