Monday, 27 February 2012

gratitude list

                                                                                          Picture from here

It's time for another gratitude list- the last one I made already a while back...

-          The wonderful green fields covered with colorful flowers
-          Fresh herbs planted in our garden
-          The blossom of the almond trees
-          The smell of rain

-          Helen talking in Swissgerman to me
-          Watching Neomi drawing pictures
-          Neomi riding her bike
-          My husband working hard in the garden… while I can merely watch with my baby-belly…
-          A spontaneous hug and kiss from the girls
-          Playing domino (the one game we can all play together)

-          Fresh oranges and  grapefruits
-          Olives, olives, olives

-          A good nights sleep
-          A quiet moment for myself on a weekend- with a tea or coffee and a good book

And generally I am VERY and MOST grateful for:
clean water, an apartment to stay, to be healthy, to have enough food, to have a safe/ peaceful place to live (even if this is Israel- but looking at the micro and not at the macro…), to have a wonderful family…

Saturday, 25 February 2012

sunny days

Today was a very nice and sunny day. We started to prepare our garden- planted some thyme, sage, parsley and chives, sowed tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, red beet, cucumbers, cress... well- we will see, if this year we will be a bit more lucky with the vegetables. We have very dense and heavy soil and a lot of shadow in our garden (which is good during the hot summer, but annoying if you want to grow something).
The girls enjoyed to help... they actually always like to help in the garden (and mostly indoors too- we enjoy it as long as it lasts ;o)

It was the first day we could sit outside again, enjoy the sunshine, drink coffee, eat tiramisu....

On Wednesday I played some football (soccer) with the girls. After all those rainy days (still more to come) we all feel great about being outside.

The only creative indoor-activity we did last week, was drawing the girls in life-size on paper and colouring them... (they lay on the paper, I drew the shape and we cut the figure out.)
I managed to do some sewing- I will show some pictures as soon as I will be finished with everything.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

back from the cold

Since almost a week we are back from Switzerland. It was very cold (-22 degrees Celsius/ -8 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings) but we had beautiful, sunny weather and loads of snow- just as we wished for.
We spent a great time with my parents/ sisters/ brothers in law and niece and I even managed to see some old friends.

Neomi loved the snow- she was a lot outside, busy with licking snow, digging holes, sliding and skiing...
Helen was a different story- she touched the snow one time and decided that this was a very suspicious matter and not meant for her. Only way to convince her to go outside was on a slide…

I had many plans for creative projects, but the weather was too good and we were never bored.

Now we are back to Israel with all the flowers and green fields. The baby is kicking inside my stomach. The world is not friendly as always- so better not to read any news and worry. And I am looking forward to a hopefully sunny weekend to work in the garden and to finish sewing the Purim costumes for the girls.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

a spring day

Cyclamen in the forest

almond blossom

happy Helen enjoying a ride on my husbands back after walking quite a bit...

January was a very rainy month- 29 days with rain! According to the newspaper a record. This weekend was finally dry and sunny and we went yesterday for a nice walk to enjoy the sunshine, flowers, the water and mud :o)
Although this is Israeli winter it still feels like spring to me.
It will be a bit weird to fly to freezing and snow-covered Europe after this, but we look very much forward to those few days with my family, in the mountains, in the snow…

all those anemones look almost fake ...

muddy mud :-)