Wednesday, 28 November 2012

this and that

The days are flying by. I could use extra hours every day to do all the stuff that I don't manage right now... baking christmas cookies and gingerbread and stollen, make all those creative, handmade presents that I still have in my head and all the lovely decoration... and even just simply to clean the house and mend clothes...

Two things I did cook in the last days and will make again:

Delicious warm apple pots- a kind of apple pie for lazy moments- and since we have a lot of pecan nuts from our tree a perfect way to use them. From the blog of ROOST.

And an absolutely delicious salad found on the blog of FOTO E FORNELLI.
It is originally from a book of Yotam Ottolenghi calles "Jerusalem"... Maybe I will buy this book (Although I generally do not buy cook books)

I also saw beautiful wooden blocks. They are expensive, but sure look good!
I am sure the kids would love them... or as decoration they would be lovely too.

Ah well- too many nice things can be found on the net.. :o)

I sent today all presents for my family in Switzerland- so that's one thing less to think about. Now I should get going with the present for Helen- her birthday is very soon- and with the advent calender.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

cowl scarf

I did it! I am very proud. I am no big knitter... but anyway I started to knit again. It's just a nice thing to do and I can do it almost everywhere.
I finished my cowl shawl. I made a mistake though with the cable stitch- I forgot to "twist" one time... I made a nice felt owl brooch to cover up the mistake :o)
I was just too lazy to open the whole thing although my mother thought I should have.
My next cowl scarf I will make longer and less wide.

Now I will have to finish the second hand warmer- pictures from this one later.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

warm feet

Winter is not that cold here- but inside the houses it's always uncomfortably chilly due to non existent isolation. My house shoes are old but now the inner sole fell apart. So to keep my feet warm and cozy I made new soles from two layers of felt (white and red), hand stitched them together and added snowflakes.
I guess they would also be great inside gumboots.

Today was quite hot and very windy. We spent the day with friends, trying not to think too much about the war. I hope this madness will stop very soon. I hope the rockets will stop to fall on Israel. I hope the army will end their bombing of targets in Gaza. I hope we will learn to live in peace.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

please stop this!

I feel sick to the stomach! Yes, I admit that I am afraid...
While I am writing this, airplanes are noisily flying somewhere through the dark sky above our home.
I am mostly scared for my kids... those small, sweet, happy, curious creatures, sleeping now in their beds.
When will this part of the world know peace? Will it ever?

I wanted to be creative this evening. I wanted to make myself a hot cacao with whipped cream on top and knit and sew.... I don't feel like it anymore.

I hope this madness will stop VERY fast.

Maybe tomorrow I will show you what I made to keep my feet warm this winter...

We can need some prayers for peace.

Good night.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

water colour

The girls wanted to paint with water colour the other day. Neomi started to drip/ throw the colour onto the paper and told me that she is painting like Jackson Pollock (wow- she did remember the name! See this post
Later on I gave them drinking straws to blow the colour around.

It's hot and dry already since days. I can't stand it... I am waiting for the weekend when my first week back at work will be over and it's supposed to rain! I want rain!!!

paper cuts

Neomi and Helen got a 5 Swiss francs coin from my grandmother while in Switzerland. It was the first ever money they had for themselves and they could choose both something they wanted to buy with it.
Neomi started make paper cuts at my parents place and so she bought for herself colourful paper circles and started to produce even more paper cuts at home.... what shall I do with those heaps of cuts?
Well- I put them between plastic sheets (the ones that stick on one side- if I would have a lamination machine, I would laminate them) and hung them on our entrance door.
Looks happy and colourful :o)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

shall we?

So we are back since almost two weeks... and as I wrote before it was hard to come back. It's not that I don't like the place we are living in. It is a good place! It's just that I noticed more than ever the differences between Switzerland and Israel... and that I more than ever think about moving to Switzerland. But it's not an easy decision... I don't like changes a lot and to move would mean a LOT of changes for everyone.

my niece
We would have to find work (that is probably the hardest part- so if anyone knows something... :o)
The kids would have to leave their friends, but I guess they would make new friends fast.
For my husband it would be a huge change and he would have to rely a lot on me... and I know from my own experience, this is not easy at all.
We would have to find a place to live... and this could be tricky too. It's not that we have a lot of savings- I mean we have, but in Israeli Shekel and it's not worth a lot in Swissfrancs.... I guess I could live 1-2 years just somewhere, but only if I would know that eventually we could afford a tiny house in the countryside with garden...

my father
But there would be so many nice things- like high quality cheese, vegetables, fruits, milk, bread...
Public transportation, mountains, snow, water, wood...
Of course my growing family... (both of my sisters are expecting babies)
The much higher standard for everything that is built...
Much more vacation days (4-5 weeks compared to hardly 2 weeks here).
Salaries are much higher (My husband and I together earn hardly a Swiss minimum salary if we convert it to Swiss Francs)- but life is more expensive in Switzerland.

my mother
standing in the rain
Ah well- I don't know if we ever will go. But now would be for sure the time. Neomi will start school next summer and we need also to decide if we want to build a house here in the Kibbutz.

If you want to see more pictures take a look here and here.