Tuesday, 24 May 2016

play-dough and a birthday present

After a long time we made play-dough again. The batch of store-bought dough dried out. We made our own from conditioner and cornstarch- soft and nice smelling :-)
Add some beads, pipe cleaners, plastic eyes and the kids are busy.

The 4th birthday of our youngest is getting closer. If you ask him, waht he wants he will tell you all sorts of things like "a box of screws", "a wood plane, like Aba has" (woodworking tool, not the flying thing), nails, toolbox (he has already 3)...
He's so much into drilling, sawing, hammering etc. Actually he's like this already for over 2 years.
Well- but he also likes superheroes (where does that come from?), knights, swords, dinosaurs and dragons and the like. That's why I made a super-hero mask for him from felt. If I will have time, I will also sew a superhero-cape.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

a bag for kindergarten

My niece is starting kindergarten in summer. In Switzerland kids don't need to take too much to kindergarten- only a small snack and a water-bottle- so they carry small bags with them.
I had the honour to sew her bag. In the beginning of June I will be in Switzerland for a few days (adding some days after a business trip to Munich) and then I can give her the bag personally.

My niece is a country girl- growing up in the mountains. I chose a goat and I hope she will like it.

My sewing machine is getting old. I have a very old Bernina that my mother once bought second hand and brought to Israel for me. It is the same model I learned to sew with at home. Must be over 40 years old. But I start to have problems with the thread tension. I can adjust it but it's getting harder. I can still do button holes, but some of the "automatic" is not working anymore and I need to use some tricks.
I should save some money and buy a new one- leave the old one maybe for the kids to learn.

Monday, 2 May 2016

kids doodle

The ones who know me, know how much I love kids drawings and paintings. They have this care free way to put down on paper what they feel, see, dream... They don't think too much about how exactly to draw a certain thing- they just do it.
I used to draw a lot when I was a kid- actually up into my early thirties. In the last years I found less and less time for it.

The other day Helen showed me the above doodle she made in kindergarten- apparently she drew it with one of her friends in team work. I love the many small details, the way they covered the whole page.

There are drawings that are so complex I need to get explanations- and I enjoy the stories they tell about their art. Like a small window to their inner world, their thoughts.