Tuesday, 11 June 2013

wooden truck

Somewhere in the internet I saw a similar truck for sale. I loved it and showed the picture to my husband and he made this truck for our son's 1st birthday.
I love it!

a fabric book

I made a fabric book for my little boy. Ever since the birth of our oldest I wanted to make one and never came around. 

Here some pictures. There were more, but I have a problem uploading them. 

I wanted the book to have many things to discover, play with. I made sure all parts are fixed to the book- loose parts get too easily lost.
I used only fabric and material that I already had at home.

And I am quite proud of myself :o)

happy 1st birthday!

Yotam turned one on Saturday.

It's always astonishing to experience how much they learn in one year. From the small, helpless baby they turn into walking (well almost), crawling, laughing bundles of joy with their own mind and personality.

The girls were probably more excited about the birthday than Yotam himself. They decorated the small play house for him, made a mud-and-flower-cake and sung songs (which he tremendously enjoyed).

In the following posts you will see what I and my husband made for him.