Sunday, 26 March 2017

the house update

After another long waiting period our new house is finally being built!
We took down our side of the building in July- it looked like the right side that is still standing ind belongs to our future neighbours.
Within 3 days there was a house- of course not finished, but a house. :-)

20.03.17 morning

20.03.17 afternoon

22.03.17 afternoon

We are very excited. There's still a lot of work to do but it finally takes shape. There are many things that need to be choosen and it's not easy sometimes to figure out what exactly we want/ can afford/ will fit together :-)
In the end of this week also the roof should be finished.

airport adventures

I did not write for a while. A few times I meant to post something and in the end didn't.

Yesterday we made a trip to the airport. We have a friend who works in the control-tower and he took us on a very interesting tour.
Amongst other things, we had the chance to see the fire department and make a short trip with one of the firefighter-trucks, we could enter one of the airplanes and sit in the cockpit and we went up to the 100 meter high control tower.

We saw airplanes land and take off. Neomi would have liked to take the waiting airplane to New York. Helen would have preferred to fly to Switzerland. Yotam was proud that he could push a button in the firetruck and activate the water cannon.
Thanks to all the people willing to show and explain us things we had a great experience. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Some time passed since my last post.
We spent a snowless holiday in Switzerland. It was frustrating. We took two weeks off so we would have enough time for family celebration (Christmas)/ spending time with my family AND go skiing.
I looked forward for months- to be in the snow, to ski with the kids, to do cross-country-skiing… and well- there was no snow at all. At least we had nice weather and could go ice skating and hiking.

We came back home straight to the funeral of my father in law who died a day before our return. He was sick for years- a sickness called CBD (Corticobasal degeneration). For years he was not really himself anymore, could not communicate and had a lovely caretaker for all the daily needs besides my mother in law who did everything she could to allow him a comfortable and interesting life despite everything…
We passed the week of the "Shiva" (the week long mourning period) with hosting loads of visitors, telling stories, looking at photos and slides and just sitting together. It is a stressful time but also a very good part of saying good-bye, mourning, getting over the first week.

It is cold now, but due to plenty of rain so far everything is turning green. It is my favourite time of the year in Israel (if it would just not be so f8%# cold inside the houses). If it is not too rainy we go walks in the field/ forest, mud-walks in the wadi, enjoy the first flowers and the clear air. I especially love the white, fluffy clouds that are my personal snow-mountains (did I ever mention how much I miss the mountains :-)

Now it's also the start of the season for collecting all kinds of plants. I already dried a batch of young nettle for teas and we collected a lot of wild asparagus (the latin name is asparagus acutifolius, if I am not mistaken)- they are delicious if steamed for a short time and served with olive oil and garlic.

I am looking forward  to forage more for herbs - such as more nettle, wild calendula, mallow, daisies, shepherd's purse, zuta (a wild hyssop), za'atar (syrian oregano) etc.