Saturday, 23 February 2013

the clown and tinkerbell

Tomorrow is the big day. The costumes are ready and I made some pictures.
Helen is a clown. I took a red shirt from the 2nd hand and  added some self made buttons. The tulle skirt is very simple- just some tulle knotted to an elastic band (should have ordered a bit more tulle though).
Helen helped to make the paper hat- if you need an instruction you can find one here.

Neomi wanted to be Tinkerbell. I made the skirt from an old tunic from the 2nd hand and added some green tulle below (bit hard to see on the pictures). From an old shirt I made a cape. The wings we had at home. The hat Neomi sew herself- it is very simple to make- an instruction to something quite similar you can find here.
We added some feathers and some glitter. I love her costume and she thinks she will be "the most beautiful girl" tomorrow... well, I hope she will still feel the same tomorrow.
Last year we made pirate costumes and she really loved it until she met all the princesses, queens and brides in kindergarten...

Monday, 18 February 2013

in the making... for Purim

The costumes for the girls are almost finished. Purim is next Sunday, so we have a few days more to finish everything. Neomi wants to be Tinkerbell and Helen a Clown. 
More pictures when the costumes are finished...

a bird applique

I found a fleece jacket for Neomi in the second hand shop. (That's a good place in the Kibbutz- you just bring your old clothes and you can take whatever you need for free...)
I wanted to make it a bit more interesting (it is just plain pink)- so I added a small bird applique.
Since I am at home with my sick little boy I have time to be a bit creative while he's sleeping...

salt- sensory activity

No need for a lot of preparation- just take a baking frame and some salt and let the kids "draw" in the salt. The girls loved it and it kept them occupied while I prepared dinner. I told them to keep the salt inside the frame but I had to clean anyway afterwards. After a while I gave them brushes and forks to draw with...
The salt is stored in a jar now- either for another round of salt drawing or for making salt dough.

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Drawing with chalk is something our girls always like to do. They also like to grate the chalk and serve it as "soups" and "flour" and other delicious meals... best mixed with mud ;o)
We found an old blackboard some days ago and had no chalk left. But we had some spackling paste (plastering... in Hebrew called "שפכטל", in German "Spachtelmasse") at home and so I decided that we can make chalk by our self as I used to do as a kid too.

You need spackling paste (I read posts where they use "plaster of paris" I am not sure but think it is almost the same) and water.
We used food colours, but you could use tempera too.
For frames we used toilet paper rolls and sealed them on one end with tape.

the frames

mixing the powder and the water until it is a paste, add coulour if wanted

fill the paste into the frames

set aside to dry for one or two days, take off the frames and let dry another 1-2 days