Saturday, 30 July 2011

some sewing

A hot and humid weekend. 
Yesterday I finished to sew pants for Helen from left-over fabric that I bought for the napkins. I like very much how they turned out and I think I will also sew another pair for Neomi.

For Neomi I finished an "up-cycled" tunic from bright orange fabric. She did not really wanted to model for a picture but preferred to lay on the sofa outside and eat grapes from the garden... well... :o) 

We have tons of grapes. I cut down half of them this morning. They just turn bad so fast and we can't possibly eat that many. We should have taken better care and cut out some grapes...
I worked a bit in the garden this morning, but after only half an hour I was drenched...

Saturday, 23 July 2011


I finally caught one! :o)

Friday morning I had some time besides baking bread, swimming and grocery shopping. I finished the octopus for the baby of friends. They live close to the sea so I thought this could fit.
I am also sewing napkins for the wedding of my sister- since they are not celebrating in a restaurant we had to choose between paper-napkins or very expensive fabric ones- so I decided to shop for fabric in Tel Aviv and make them myself- after all it is a Swiss wedding with approx. 50 guests for dinner and not an Israeli one with 300 guests...
They are of Seasucker fabric in lemon-green, turquoise, dark purple-blue and raspberry colours. I think it will look very pretty.

Okay- and now we will get ready and go to the swimming-pool.
Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

in the sports hall

Since two days I don't feel very well- some kind of stomach-bug is bothering me. But so far today I felt okay. In the morning we took the girls to the sports hall with two of their friends. That's one thing I like about being here- something you could not easily do somewhere else. The sports hall is mainly used theses days for basket ball, table tennis and some festivities. Not much stuff is left, but enough to have some fun with the kids for a while- jumping on the big mattress, playing with balls, running around...
When the summer will be over and the swimming-pool will be closed, we plan to open it regularly on Fridays or Saturdays for the kids for a few hours.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

biosphere reserve and gratitude list

Our area has been chosen as one of the world's biosphere reserves. I copied the following from the UNESCO home page:

Ramot Menashe, Israel. The biosphere reserve encompasses a mosaic of ecological systems that represent the Mediterranean Basin's version of the global “evergreen sclerophyllous forests, woodlands and scrub” ecosystem types. This 17, 000 ha site is managed by the Meggido Regional Council, and was established after an intense, innovative bottom up process, which involved 13 agricultural settlements and 10,000 inhabitants. It comprises the Meggido World Heritage Site and has on going cooperation with the adjacent Mount Carmel Biosphere Reserve. The biosphere reserve functions as a pilot site for sustainable development practices which could be adopted by other dryland biosphere reserves. Several sustainable development practices in this rural area are in place such as drip irrigation with mostly recycled treated wastewater collected from the biosphere reserve's rural settlements, and maintainance of the integrity of the “batha” ecosystems while generating sustainable income derived from a pastoral livelihood.

I really like the area we are living in- although I don't like the hot summers. Some people compare it to Tuscany and I guess there is a bit something to it. Now I hope that being certified as a Biosphere Reserve will help to keep this tiny bit of land as it is and only make improvements.
That is good news for a change.

Maybe is this also a good time for a gratitude list:


- A honey-sucker, fluttering between the pink blossom of the oleander
- The cows on the fields in the early morning
- A porcupine sniffing around in our garden


- To sit under the pecan tree and knit while the girls are playing peacefully in the garden
- Helen holding our new kitten Felix and carrying him to wherever she feels like
- Making paper garlands with Neomi
- Running around between the water sprinklers with Helen- giggling and getting wet
- Doing dishes with my mother and talking (this has always been talking time for us)


- Juicy apricot pie, still warm from the oven
- Salsiz- a kind of air-dried salami from Switzerland that my parents brought
- Tomatoe-basil-feta-salad


- Lying in bed, watching the ceiling-vent turning, listening to the sounds of the night from outside (crickets, jackals, someone listening to music…)

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

good bye

We learned to say good-bye. It is not so hard anymore. The sadness is still there every time but we learned how to go on and look forward to the next time we will meet.

My parents went back to Switzerland after spending 10 days with us. Neomi cried- she wanted them to stay. But we will visit them in September.

We went hiking and swimming. We went to eat Falafel and we celebrated Neomis birthday in her daycare. We drunk loads of coffee and enjoyed to be together.

Today I am at home because Neomi is sick. Time to make some order in the house and time to tell stories and make puzzles.

Monday, 4 July 2011


My parents came for a visit and so I don't really get to download pictures or write long stories- they will follow later on.
But here some links I wanted to share. Food-links.
In the past year I started more and more to look for new recipes on the net instead of "real" cook- books. There are so many wonderful blogs out there...

from call me cupcake- oh those wonderful cakes and pictures...
(in Swedish and English)

from foto e fornelli- I made this poppy-cherry-cake and it was delicious...
(in Italian and German)

from Matkonation- the one food-blog I follow the longest...great pictures and wonderful recipes.
(in Hebrew and English)

from Tartelette- heavenly, wish I would have the time and ingredients to try all this stuff... (in English)

from smitten kitchen- want to try those pancakes next weekend.
(in English)

And some more:

Sweet Paul (English)- he has a wonderful online-magazine
Photisserie (German)

Do you have some great food- blogs to share too?