Tuesday, 31 May 2011

thuesday's handmade

Some things to dream about and get inspired!
The absolutely beautiful "dream guardian" from "herzensart". I am sure Neomi would find it very funny to see his small penis (she would call it "bulbul") :o) I love the shape, shine and idea of it and would not mind one guarding my dreams!

I found this boat on this blog, made by Ann Wood. There are more of them and they float beautifully in the air. Makes me itchy to create something similar…

And this drawing by Oliver Jeffers is already a long time on my computer. I just love it. It's from a story he wrote; "how to catch a star".

Have a great day!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

weekend ends

Saturday evening and the weekend is coming to an end... way too soon as always.
Yesterday it was very hot (35 degrees Celsius) and dry- which makes my hay-fever wores and I am all moody. I managed to sew a bit. I am making a twirly dress for Neomi- but I will only show it when it's finished. 
I made a very easy, fast and delicious poppy-cherry-cake (find the recipe here in German and Italian) and today not much is left. (So if you want a piece you need to hurry!)

Today in the morning it RAINED! How crazy is that!? I mean we usually have the last rain somewhere in April and then nothing until October or November. This year we were blessed with rains in May too. But now it is already the end of May... Especially Helen loved it.  She stomped around with here bare feet on the wet wood. Later in the day it got hot again and we played some football in the garden. The girls were the goal keepers :o)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

instead of comments...

I have a problem leaving comments on other blogs. As I researched I discovered that I am not the only one... And this at a time when I found so many nice things to leave a comment for, so here some links:

I made this mexican dish yesterday for dinner- it sounded easy and tasty and it was indeed like this! I changed it a tiny bit since I did not have ready made sauce. No monsters in my bed

Nicole makes wonderful pictures- the last ones from her trip to Ethiopia are just gorgeous! They are in an adoption process and I feel nervous and happy for them. 60 piggies

Petra made a very nice cushion for a friend of her son. I woudn't mind such a birthday present too :o) vervlogen dagen

A nice post about elderflowers and a tasty sounding recipe (in German). Too bad we don't have elderbushes here in Israel...SeelenSachen

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


 We celebrated "Lag BaOmer"... don't ask me what this holiday is about- because I don't really know. But what you do is making bonfires, bake potatoes in the blaze and roast some marshmallows. We celebrated at my brother in laws place.

 Helen likes when Savta (grandmother) reads stories to her. And Neomi took a picture of me and my husband.

 On Sunday we had a "Lag BaOmer" celebration with the day care of Neomi. We made a bonfire and made a picnic for dinner. The kids sang songs and their teacher and one grandfather told stories.

Inspired by the list Darcy made on her blog and by various other bloggers I want to make a list myself every now and then. A list about the things I am grateful for, the things I loved in the passed days and the things I am happy about. Here my first version:

- The strong, sweet smell of the jasmine flowers
- The fields with the hay bales, glowing golden in the evening sun
- The songs of the birds in the early morning

- To talk to my sisters on Skype and to be able to see my small niece this way
- Neomi singing a song with her friends from the day-care and enjoying herself so much.
- Watching Helen still napping when I come to get her from the day-care.

- My husband's Persian rice- I could eat tons of it! He's a master in cooking this dish.
- Strawberries fresh from the garden
- A delicious fish dish in a restaurant at the beach in Tel Aviv while watching the sun set with my husband
- halva cookies
- fresh, crispy, homemade bread bread- straight from the oven

- Evening walks with the kids and my husband
- wearing my twirly, turquoise skirt

Have a wonderful day!

How annoying- today I can't leave any comments in other blogs... I don't know, if it is only my problem that my profile never shows... hope tomorrow will be back to normal!

Friday, 20 May 2011

a summer treat

Now that the hot days seem to be here ther girls naturally feel like eating ice cream. Now I don't want to stuff them with too much sweets and I am for sure not the one that goes every day with them to the shop to buy them ice cream and sweets. But I love something cold too on hot days.
I have a silicone frame at home so I can make "ice-cream" whenever I want.

The most simple way is to just fill the frames with sirup of fruit juice- but they tend to turn out a bit hard. I also just smash fesh fruits and mix them with a bit of yoghurt. The other day we had not so nice looking peaches at work. They were still compleatly fresh- so I took them home, cut them in pieces, cooked them a bit with fresh orange juice, added fresh peppermint, smashed everything, mixed with a bit of yoghurt and filled it into the frames. The girls like the "ice cream" and I don't even need to worry about too much sugar and food colorings.
Try it!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

environmental questions

Neomi is ready for the summer- I could not resist and bought her this cute red hut with the white dots...

As most of you probably already know- I grew up in Switzerland. I spent my first 26 years there until I moved to Israel.

For me it was the most natural thing to:
- have a compost
- to separate waste- collect paper, cardboard, glass, tins, plastic bottles, electronic waste...
- to not just throw garbage on the ground and always leave a place clean and tidy
- to go shopping with a shopping-bag
- to mostly walk or use my bike or public transportation to get around
- to collect the rainwater from the roof to irrigate the garden in summer
- to buy seasonal products
- to buy products from the region if possible
- to buy environmental friendly soaps and detergents
(I could go on...)

I grew up in a family that is very conscious about environmental issues. We had a small vegetable garden and used the car very little (for a few years we did not even have a car).

Coming to Israel was a huge step back for me. Only in the last few years Israel is waking up and things are starting to move. There's still a lot to do.
I came to a conclusion that many things are also a luxury for richer folks. I would love to buy organic products- but they are hard to find here and mostly much more expensive. And to drive with the car half an hour or more just to buy something organic seems contradictory to me.
I would love to buy sometimes products for the house and garden with a long life time but cheap plastic seems to rule the world these days and everything else is hard to find and very expensive.

When I went shopping here only some 4 years ago with my fabric shopping bag, people were a bit amused. They packed their stuff in tons of plastic bags. This changed and today a lot of people have their personal shopping bag ready. In the last years people also started to collect paper, plastic bottles and glass. Slowly, slowly awareness about environmental issues is growing.

Still- too many people drive too many cars- the public transportation is terrible (except for the bigger cities). Biking became a  very trendy sport but is not really considered a way of transportation (except maybe in the Kibbutz). People buy usually a huge amount of food and I am sure that also a lot of this is going to waste. There's mostly no way to know where vegetables, fruits and meat come from. Eggs and milk are also mainly produced in a large style- no free range chickens here... And wherever you go people leave their garbage- it looks especially bad after holidays with huge amounts of one-way-plates and cups. People in the Kibbutz are much more aware of this in general and not everyone leaves his garbage of course... seems to be a lot of time a question of cultural and social background.

And maybe it's better that I don't know the state the industrial sector is in...

I myself try to do the best I can, teach my kids and make people in my surrounding more aware. I also know that I could do more...


Saturday, 14 May 2011

the album is here

 Well- it took some months- but finally I managed to finish our 2010 family- album and it's printed now. It's the first such album I made. Since we bought our digital camera some 4 years ago, we simply have too many pictures and they mostly stay on the computer. Now I decided to make once a year an album with the best pictures.

Helen was sick almost one week, then Neomi and now Helen is getting some more teeth and she cries a lot and basically just sits on my lap all the time. We have rainy weather which is very, very strange. In the middle of May we usually have hot and dry weather.

Monday, 9 May 2011


Now that we don't really have an "office" anymore, all my stuff is still in boxes- it's driving me crazy. I am trying to find new space somewhere but not very successful...
I found two drawings I made some time ago. Maybe the above I will frame and hang in one of the girl's rooms. The below hung on our entrance-door until Helen was born... maybe I will make a new one.

Today is the memorial day for the fallen soldiers, last week we had the holocaust memorial day... on both days we hear sirens and stand still in memory and honour of the dead. I am always sending little prayers that things like the holocaust won't happen anymore and that no more soldiers need to die... that there will come a day without war and hate and fighting...

This evening though we will move on to happier celebrations- the independence-day will start at eight in the evening. We will have firework and folkdances and coffe and cake and loads of music and singing. It for sure will be nice.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

happy clown and sick kids

I managed to make a small drawing for my sister- her birthday is soon (now I just hope she won't read this blog....). Helen sat- and is still sitting on my lap- not sick but very quiet. That does make the whole drawing process a bit harder :o)
Neomi is sleeping on the sofa, wrapped in a thick blanket- now it is her turn to be sick. She has fever... and I was already looking forward to a nice day with friends...

Friday, 6 May 2011

sewing and baking

This week I was more at home with Helen than at work. She was sick a few days. It's nice to be at home- even with a sick kid. So many things I can do that I usually don't have much time for. When I did not read stories to Helen, when she was not cuddling on my lap or when she was sleeping I had time to 
sew and bake.
I sew 3 t-shirts for the girls out of old t-shirts of mine. I made the little apron you can see above and fixed some clothes. I made "blanc manger" (a recipe here) and cheesecake-muffins and I made some granola using this wonderful recipe- I love the use of thina (or "tahini") in this one.

Happy weekend to all of you!

Sunday, 1 May 2011


We enjoyed the "spring-run" yesterday. Neomi had a lot of fun with all her friends from the day-care. Some of them also run the "family-run". The most important thing for her afterwards was the medal she got. I made one for her and one for Helen. She did not once think that I made the medal :o)

The new week started. My youngest sister flew to Canada on Friday and I am looking at the map, wondering what she's up to with her friends- and wishing I could go travelling too. It has been 8 years since I travelled last time. That was when I went to New Zealand for two (too short) months. I have a long list of nice places I would love to go to! :o)