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on the way to school

My sister gave birth to a cute baby-girl in March.  When I thought about the future when I was young- before I met my husband and moved to Israel- I always imagined that I would live close to my sisters, that our kids will play together, that we would cuddle each other's babies. So this time I just had to go and at least take one of those babies into my arms when they are newborn.
It took some planning and guessing and I arrived 3 days after my nice was born- being able to happily cuddle this tiny, soft human being. I sew for her a blanket- finished it in the hours before my flight.

But the story I want to tell is that of a way to school:
I wished for snow, longed for snow (no big chance for this where I live…)- and so I got my snow on my second day there- covering everything absolutely beautifully in soft white (how my kids envied me…).
My goddaughter wanted to show me her school and so I accompanied her and her two friends on their way through the snow-covered forest and field on thei…

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