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I am in an emotional down… if that's the description.
I have no power for anything right now.
I used to have these moments much more often, so it's not new. I also know that I will get out of it sooner or later.
One thing bothering me since 10 years or more is my dream of an ideal life and reality.
Not that I have a bad life- no, I have a wonderful husband, I have 3 kids I love, we now have a nice house, I live in a nice place and have some friends… but I dream of being closer to nature. 9 hours every day in front of a computer screen, sitting… well, that's not what I should do. I love being outside, I love nature, I love gardening, flowers, herbs, forest etc… I love being creative and work with my hands- knitting, sewing, drawing, digging dirt....

In addition I feel like I miss out on so many things connected to my kids. I am with them from around 16:00 on, but it never seems enough. The same with my husband. When the kids are finally in bed and the most urgent housework…

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