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It's been a while...
Since I do not work in the office anymore and spend muuuuuch less time in front of the computer, I neglected my blog.

It's two months now since I started to work outdoors. There was not one day I wished I could be back in the office. It would be nice though to combine the physical work with a more brainy activity once in a while. I do need to use my brain- just in a very different way than until now. It's about planing work activities, learning all I can about the different plants, work methods etc.

I especially like the early mornings when everything is still quiet and the "world just starts to wake up".

I learn a lot about "gardening" in a Mediterranean climate. I already knew some stuff, but mostly for small scale gardening. To take care of a huge area has totally different aspects. Water is one of the biggest problems. The second- to choose plants that do not require a huge amount of care- otherwise we will never manage with our sma…

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