Friday, 25 May 2012

and some more sewing projects...

Now that my sisters birthday is over I can post the presents I made.
My sister, her husband and small daughter will spend the next 4 months "on the alp" (the higher places where the cattle stays during summer).
I bought for my sister a book about all the wild herbs and flowers and I made her an apron with pockets that she can use to collect plants- maybe she will just use it for cooking instead- we will see.
For my small niece I made a bag she can take with her and collect all the treasures she will find.
I love the fabrics...

For my other sister I sew something too- but I can show only after her birthday.

end of may

The end of May is getting closer and so does giving birth. Unfortunately my husband got injured during a basketball game (at least they won) and now he's limping around the house on crutches... means he can't help much with the girls and daily chores and he can't drive the car... let's hope the baby is not in a hurry.
The "Shavuot" holiday is also getting closer and I made some hair-clips for the girls. You could call "Shavuot" the harvest holiday and it's my favourite holiday celebration in the kibbutz. (Some pictures from last year here and here)


Anyone for mud-cakes? This is a special art that requires time, passion, exact measurements and the following ingredients:
soil, water, all kinds of flowers- preferable from bushes in the neighboring gardens...

playing on the porch...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

liquid chalk

I found this activity on several blogs- like here and here and I gave it a try. It was a perfect activity for my girls- they loved it! You can do "liquid chalk" very easy by your own- you only need:

cornstarch/ cornflour (1 part)
water (1 part or a bit less)
food colour (mine was crappy and the colours were not very strong)

Then you can start painting, dripping, experimenting outside on the road...
Neomi kept saying how smooth her hands were from the colour and they liked to touch the dried chalk, step on it, scratch it away in the end...
It washes away very easy. That was for sure not the last time we made this and next time I will make a bigger amount to last longer.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

glue prints

I haven't written anything for a while… but now I am back.
In the mean time our computer got fixed, summer arrived (fortunately in the nights it is still cooling a bit down), the vegetables in the garden are growing nicely and we can already eat lettuce and radishes, I have only a short time left until giving birth and I am getting a bit nervous/ afraid, Helen is one month without diapers and it's going quite okay…
At work I had two busy weeks teaching my replacement and trying to get the work done. But My replacement learns fast and now I am many times left without work… well I will have to keep myself somehow busy until the end of the month.
Last week I tried some glue-printing with Neomi.
I saw this idea here a while ago.
The prints did turn out not too bad but somehow I imagined it different. We used Gouache and the colour dried very fast in the dry and warm air so we had to work fast. What turned out nicer were the original glue pictures with the colour.
Paint a picture with glue.

Let the finished picture dry.

Paint over the dry picture with a brush or roller. Place an empty paper on top.

That's the print we got.

And that's the original glue painting with colour.

Meanwhile Helen did her own art work....

Now with the computer fixed I hope I will also have more time again to check out all the nice blogs out there...