about me

My name is Rahel and I live in a Kibbutz in Israel- right under a pecan tree.

I am a mother to three kids (10, 8 and 5 years old) and wife to a wonderful husband.
I am originally from Switzerland and came to the Kibbutz as a volunteer- the first time in 1998. 14 years ago I got "stuck" here because I met my husband.

In Switzerland I was a teacher- although only a short time. In Israel I first worked in the avocado-orchard and today I work in the export department of one of the factories of the Kibbutz. I miss both teaching and working "in the field" a bit.

I love being creative- sewing, knitting, drawing, whatever. With a 100% job, 3 kids and the household there's not much space for this but as the kids get older I start to have a bit more time.

I am also interested in gardening, interior design (even studied for 2 years), cooking, medical plants, reading books, playing the guitar and sing and I love a good movie once in a while.

I like to dance around while cooking, sit neat the fireplace and drink hot cacao, lie on the balcony and watch the stars, play board games with the kids, watch my husband do some woodworking, go for hikes, roll down the hill in the snow (well.... can't do that often)...

I miss my family in Switzerland. A lot.
I miss the alps, the fresh mountain air, the green hills, the snow in winter, the lakes and rivers.

You can read a bit more about me here.
You can view my pinterest.
You can write me privately, if you want: rahelsarid (at) hotmail.com

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