Sunday, 21 May 2017

the amphitheater

We have an amphitheater in our Kibbutz. It's not as ancient as I thought when I came here the first time. It was built approximately 65 years ago for the dance festival. I wrote a post about it once- read here.
There's also a video on youtube from the festival in 1958.

Last week we cleaned part of the amphitheater. It was- and in big parts still is- badly overgrown and damaged. We cleaned the an area in lower part and the stage for the "Shavuot" holiday that is coming up next week.

We will have to work some more on the amphitheater to get it ready for the festivities. People are busy practicing dances and songs, preparing decoration and speeches and polishing tractors.

sewing and building

You should think that it should get easier to steal some time for yourself when the kids are getting bigger... but I still have a hard time to find space for creativity.
I made two cushions for babies as a present. The owl is almost the same as the one I made for Yotam when he was small.

We are busy with building the house- slowly, slowly it is taking shape.
So far we are very satisfied with the company we chose- and that is not something you can take for granted in this country.