Thursday, 30 May 2013

out in the fields

With a bit of a dealy some pictures from "Shavuot"- the harvest holiday. A day before the festivities we went to the fields with the tractor to watch the combine harvester.

Yotam really liked to watch this huge machine harvesting the wheat... funny little boy...

I like this picture of Yotam with his grandparents. My father in law is sick already for a long time (a combination of all kinds of things...Parkinson, Azheimer...). It's sad to see how a person can change that much and become almost a little child again. But somehow I am also happy for those moments we can still share.

And I love this picture of our three children :-)
I should try to get them together for more pictures... but one is usually running away and decides not to be in the picture...

Friday, 17 May 2013

headband decoration

I made two felt flowers to decorate simple headbands. On the back I attached elastic loops- like this you can take them easily down from one headband and change to another headband.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

self-made play dough

I read about this somewhere- well I forgot where- and it's simple and fun to try. Kept the girls busy almost one hour- except for the bit of fighting in the end, it was a success.

You will need an equal amount of corn flour and shaving foam- at least according to my source- we had to add quite a bit more shaving foam. You can add some food colour or leave it white.
I would recommend to do this outside.

The fun part starts already with pushing out the foam :o)

Helen liked it first and then she preferred to go and wash her hands while I mixed and kneaded.

How smooth! And it smells.... (because of the shaving foam)

In the end the girls made caked with the dough. They wanted to add dirt to create chocolate balls and they wanted to add flowers for decoration. I stopped them. I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap- hopefully we can use it again tomorrow.
The girls went on to make flower-grass-leaf-soups...

All the while Yotam was busy with the old phone cards- taking them out of a box and putting them back.... and throwing them to the floor.

improvised seesaw

All you need is a thick branch and a board (does not even need to be wooden)... And then the fun can start. Balancing alone, walk from one side to the other, two together, sitting, lying.... so many ways to experience balancing on the seesaw....
The girls were busy for a while and then the "truck" came to take away the board and branch and transport them somewhere else in the garden and another game emerged.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

fun with cloud dough

Ever heared of cloud dough? I did not before I saw it at "kiwi crates" (By the way- this looks like a great project, those crates!)
So I decided to try it with my girls. I made only a "small" amount. I don't really like to spoil food like this.
Take 1 part baby oil and 8 parts flour.
The mix can easily be shaped... a bit like playing with wet sand...
So far I did not throw the mix- they are still playing with it. Maybe I can re-use it and make play-dough.

Other than that? Yotam likes to explore the garden- eating flowers, tasting dirt, checking out the water hose...

The girls like to paint with watercolours, playing with the beads and all kinds of other things....

And my husband found a fun and fast way to sharpen the colour pencils of the girls.... with his driller :o)