Sunday, 26 December 2010

our christmastree

... is a small olive-tree that is usually in our garden.
(you can click on the picture to enlarge it... I coudn't figure out how to make it bigger...)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

for my sister

My sister wanted a cushion-cover for a cushion she already has. I made her this one. It was the first times I made something like this. I used left over fabric and fabric from old tableclothes and shirts. I hope she likes it- maybe she is unwrapping it at this very moment...?

I made more things- but I will have to wait with posting until my parents are here next week and unwrap their presents.

for the girls

These are the presents I made for the girls. They will get beanbags and each a new duvet cover from cute fabric I found in Tel Aviv.

Friday, 24 December 2010

first green

While a big part of the world is preparing for Christmas Eve we went to play outside and admire the first green plants that are getting out of the dirt.
I am always getting excited about this- but it's still weird to me that this happens at Christmas and not in spring...
My christmas-presents are finished and I will show some pictures tomorrow.
The tree is decorated- also some pictures tomorrow.
I wish you all a very happy Christmas with lots of family-time, joy and good food.
Thanks to all of you who stepped by to read my blog in the last months!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

tuesday's handmade

Okay- I know it's already Wednesday- but I forgot to post yesterday. Here some more beautiful handmade things. Once again some yarn from Magnolia Handspun. Just can't get enough of it- it looks so beautiful and I really should start to knit...

These beautiful armwarmers you can find here. Okay- again- I should start to knit... I have some armwarmers (shorter) my mother knitted and I just love them- perfect for the winter months.

And last but not least- this wonderful tealight from wapa. A friend of a friend of mine is making similar lamps- such beautiful work, but unfortunately he's not selling.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, 20 December 2010

christmas is getting close

Christmas is getting close. I managed to bake a few Christmas-cookies. In Switzerland there are a lot of traditional Christmas-cookies but I made only two kinds.

On Saturday we will celebrate with the other families here that are like us half Jewish and half Christian. We made a small revolution and it will be the first time without a "Santa". Most of us are from Countries where Santa is not comming on Christmas and I am happy about this decission.

The kindergarten-teacher of Neomi asked me, if they could come with the kids to our home one morning and if I could tell the kids a story from my childhood and how it was to celebrate Christmas. I will gladly do so.

On Saturday we went down to the Wadi. Finally the first green plants are starting to grow and the small stream has water. We made small paper-boats and let them float. How I love weekends!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

digging in the archive

Two dolls I made some 3 years ago- a bear for the first birthday of my niece and a cat for Neomi.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Today we celebrated Helen's birthday in the "baby-house" (her day-care). I made some tiny apple-cinamon muffins with small flags on top. I made them yesterday evening and fresh from the oven they tasted so good. In the morning there was still the smell of them in all the house.
Helen was so excited! She did not stop laughing and smiling and clapping hands. Is there something better than see your childen happy?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

tuesday's handmade

Today two things from etsy. By the way- I just love the main page of etsy with the always changing, beautifully matched collection.
I am not wearing hats- only in summer as protection from the sun. But actually I would love to. Isn't this cloche above beautiful? (Or maybe it's the model...) Look at it here.

And those earrings are just so wonderful! I would love to owe them. Made
from real sea urchins. Take a look here.

Friday, 10 December 2010


The doll for Helen is finished. I am quite happy with the result. Next time I just have to add a bit of a throat- I somehow didn't think about it.
Now I just hope she will play with it. I made some dolls for Neomi in the past (a cat and a bunny)- but she's not really playing with them (this is a bit frustrating, but nothing I can change- she has her own mind...).

last candle

Yesterday we lit the last candle of Hannukah. We lit all the candles, Helen went to bed (she is not feeling too well in the last days) and Neomi and I drunk hot cacao and played "memory".
My husband is in the army and he will come back today so we can celebrate Helens first birthday. I still need to bake a cake and finish her present.
Towards the evening a huge storm is expected and I need to tye down everything outside. Crazy- one week dry and hot and a huge fire and the next storm and rain and even snow in the higher places...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

happy birthday

A year ago Helen was born. My second time giving birth and it was so much easier than the first time. And there she was- tiny and fragile. A year passed and I sometimes wonder when exactly she got so big. She crawled early and stood up early... she's taking her time with walking alone. She likes to laugh and "dance", she loves cats and dogs and she likes to play with the onions, potatoes and garlic in our kitchen. She loves to look at books and hunt our cat and I simply adore her.
Happy Birthday, my little one!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

new baby

Made a card for a newborn baby with the same name as mine. Now I just need to come up with something to write and send it. I am not so happy with the photo and scan did not work well either- so this is the best I could do to show you the card...
I am at home taking care of Helen- she is sick again since three days.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Thursday we suddenly saw a huge smoke cloud raising from the Carmel-mountain. It looked like a volcano errupted. In the night we saw the orange-red glow of the fire. Today is the fourth day of fire- eating away the pine forest, the oaks and bushes. It is sad. We don't have much green here- let alone forest and after these hot and dry months everything is just going up in smoke. It's sad to see all the burnt nature, sad to see homes burnt down and most of all so sad that human lifes were lost.

We had a nice day yesterday anyway- starting the day with pancakes (which I don't do often), taking a bike ride to the stables and watch the horses and enjoy the beautiful colours of the leaves and bougainvillea. Spending the afternoon painting with Neomi and making piles of leaves in the garden.
I finished some presents for Christmas -but can't show them here... I am not sure who reads this blog...

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday while I am already back at work.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

digging in the archive

Digging in my archive I found this painting I made for someone to hang in their daughters room.
I think I made it almost 3 years ago.
(if you click on the picture you can view them a bit bigger)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

simple toys

A huge pile of blankets and sheets- what more do you need to play? I keep a big bag full of sheets and thin blankes and my girls love to play with them. Most of the time the older one builds tents and huts with them and then she drags all the cushions she can find into them and also her doll and her younger sister (the last one does not always volunteer for this....).
But sometimes she also uses them for dressing up- making turbans and skirts...
Helen- the younger one just likes to lie on the whole pile or to hide underneath one of the sheets until we are looking for her and then she comes out with a huge smile.
If you have a big blanket one kid can lie onto it and the others will hold the corners and make waves- small kids love this!
Or you place  a ball in the center, the kids hold the corners and try to throw the ball into the air and catch it again....
So many possibilities- maybe you know some more?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Tomorrow is the first of December and in our house it just does not look like Advent at all... yesterday I took out the light-garland and tried to make something more festive with it. I cut stars from thin cardboard, punched some holes into it and tied always two together. Very simple, but I like the result. Now I just need to do a lot of them to cover all the light.

So many things to do- I just don't have the time I need.
Advent and "Samichlaus" (Almost like Santa- he comes in Switzerland on the 6th of December and I just love this tradition, but it is hard to keep it up here. We usually celebrate Christmas with others and then a Santa is comming... so I might skip "Samichlaus".).
Hannukah will start on Thursday- the jewish holiday of the lights. Helen will turn one next week and I should also get the Christmas-presents ready to ship to my sisters in Switzerland.....

Have a nice day!

Friday, 26 November 2010

back home

Back home again. We had a great time in Tel Aviv. I wanted to take pictures but then I just left the camera in the car. Disapointing was the fleemarket. So many things I hoped to find... I saw a few things, but they were just terribly expensive so in the end we bought nothing.
Today I did my favourite thing in Tel Aviv- fabric-shopping. There is a whole street full of fabric shops and you can find nice fabric for a low price. Now I just need time to actually make something with all the fabric I bought.
We ate lunch in a small chinese restaurant with great food. We just sat there with friends- a dancer, a drummer and an actress... and we two "country bumpkins"- it was so nice to just sit there in the small backyard under trees with red lanterns and talk about art and music and languages and army (well- that's a inevitable subject in Israel) and other things...
In the picture you can see me playing around with the camera in the hotel.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

getting a break

I like to take pictures of nature- mostly of small details- well, at least i am trying. But I also like old stuff- like this picture of the wheel of an old tricycle we have in the garden.
Tomorrow me and my husband will go for a "pre-weekend" to Tel Aviv. It will be the first time since 3 and a half years that we will have so much time for only the two of us. Some quality time without the kids. Although I already know that I will terribly miss them, I also look very much forward to the big city :o)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

tuesday's handmade

My mother made this papercut for my husband and me for our wedding 5 years ago. I like it a lot. My mother always liked papercuts and some years ago she started to do some by herself. I hope that I will get another papercut from her for Christmas...

Sunday, 21 November 2010


The nuts-season started in our garden. Every morning Neomi is running outside to look for nuts that fell down during the night. We have a big pecan tree in front of the house and a small tree with wallnuts on the side.
I already look forward to bake cakes and brownies and bread with the nuts. Neomi has no patience- she just cracks them on the spot.

me and my younger daughter Helen

little bit of drawing while my daughter was drawing too...

and starting to make cards for Christmas...

Friday, 19 November 2010

ready for advent

I still can't believe it- but I managed to finish the advent caledar in time for Advent! Outside it is still 30 degrees and it does not feel like Advent at all. I guess I will never get used to it.
Now I will only have to find small presents to put in the pockets for each day.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

new baby

My sister gave birth 2 weeks ago to a cute little girl. Unfortunately I could not see her in real so far. I will have to wait until February when we will go and visit in Switzerland. But- oh, how I wish I could take her on my arms right now! It is not always easy to live so far away. I made her a small drawing. I hope my sister will find a nice frame and hang it above the babys bed.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tuesday's handmade

How I wish I could knit. I mean I know the basics and I even have a project going on... I am just terribly slow. In the past I used to knit shawls- that was quite simple.
Now I saw this gorgeous handspun yarn from Camilla. Maybe I will order some in the future and start to knit more seriously. The colours are just beautiful!
Take a look at her etsy shop.
She also has a blog with wonderful pictures from Montana where she lives (oh how I envy her!).
Take a look here.

Friday, 12 November 2010


It's getting a bit colder outside and my older daughter is in need of new long pants. I started to sew some out of old jeans of mine and on the pocket I made her a small turtle. The fabric for the turtle is actually a nice green with white dots- a bit hard to see on the picture.
Next time I have some spare time I will finish them.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

simple toys

We have a box full of postcards, greetingcards and some few photographs. My older daughter loves to take them out, look at them and we can have long conversations over one card. My younger daughter only just discovered the box and she mainly likes to look at the ones with animals. I think it is a great way to spend some time, talking about far away places, about animals and other things. We also have postcards from places we've been and so it is also always nice to talk about our memories from there.

Since 3 days I am at home taking care of my younger daughter. She is sick and only slowly she is getting better. I hope that tomorrow she will be fine. Not that I mind to be at home- on the contrary- but I hate to come back to the office after this and find myself infront of a huge
pile of work...

Monday, 8 November 2010

new clothes

Here she is! The doll I found some days ago (see this blog entry) got her new clothes. I made them according to the old ones with some small changes.