Sunday, 19 June 2016

can I skip june?

The last two weeks of June are such a burden on parents (at least in Israel).

Our schedule is being filled with end-of-the-school-year events and parent-teacher meetings.

While I can see the importance of parent-teacher meetings, I have a hard time understanding why everywhere and everything needs to have a "celebration". My older daughter is in 3rd grade- she has an end-of-3rd-grade-celebration in school although they will continue with exactly the same teacher next year. She has a concert with the flute and a concert with the choir- very nice, but why in the last week before the summer holidays? She has an end-of-the-year celebration with her basketball team which I find completely unnecessary- or at least do it without parents. In addition there are some birthday parties and her own birthday.

And that's just one of our kids- we have two more.

For most of those occasions you need to bring some food and drink (yes, please bring some lovely homemade cakes!) , money is collected for gifts and in some cases the parents even do a show/ contribution in addition to what the kids do (this I completely fail to understand). In most cases smaller siblings are not really welcome and you either have to organize a babysitter or only one parent will attend. In some cases events fall on the same date and time.

I just hate to run around like this. I am a very "homely" person and I hate weeks where I am booked out every day from morning to evening, where housework is not being done (and I anyway don't have much time for it) and dinners turn into snacking fatty salty snacks and huge amounts of cakes at these events (less me but sure our kids).

At least I am already smart enough to sign up for the least time consuming foods to bring with us (cut melon, cups, drinks…) and I try to avoid any whats-app groups that discuss teachers gifts and similar things (usually long, time consuming conversations that lead to nothing).

Well- I guess I will need a holiday in the end of June.

And you know what- you can also ignore this post- I just had to vent a bit. J