Monday, 29 October 2012

a crown from leaves

So many colourful leaves in autumn- at least in Switzerland- here in Israel less. Most trees here stay green and keep their leaves during the winter too.
Neomi had the idea (I have no idea from where) that she wanted to make a crown with all those nice leaves they collected.

We made a ring from thick paper that fit around the head and simply stapled the leaves onto the ring. The next day the leaves were already not so nice anymore so you could opt to dry and press them first. This would delay the immediate fun though :o)

We also discovered my old leave press and pressed some of the leaves.

chestnut fun

I love late summer and autumn in Switzerland. I love chestnuts. There are all kinds of chestnuts. The ones we mostly found are not eatable but you can make nice crafts with them or use them to play cooking.

With knifes, toothpicks and awl we made small figures.

This last one is a different kind of chestnut- very prickly on the outside and the seeds inside are small, but they look nice.

Of course we also had to taste hot chestnuts ("heissi Marroni" in Swissgerman). Something you can buy on the street in autumn and winter. Tastes good and keeps your hands warm for a while...

easy mini-ponpons

Good thing my mother has a quite big stock of wool and yarn. We made some very easy ponpons. I used to make big ones as a kid- but they are a bit more complicated and for sure it takes longer to make them.
The girls loved to choose colours. Neomi started a mass production while Helen was still a bit small- she found it difficult to wrap the wool around the fork- so she just chose the wool and I made her the ponpon.

choose wool and start to wrap it around the fork
you can choose several colours to get nice patterns in the end
tie a tight knot in the middle with another piece of wool/ yarn
pull the ponpon away from the fork and cut the loops open
and here you go- already finished :o)

If you would like another explanation see here.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

easy wristband

We are back in Israel after our 6 weeks in Switzerland. I am very busy and most pictures are still not on the computer. I will write later a bit bout our time in Switzerland and how it was to come back to Israel.

Here I want to show you something we made on our last day at my parents house. I used to do this as a kid too and it is so easy even Helen (almost 3 years old) managed.

First we chose some yarn (and my mother has a lot to choose from) and then we cut equally long pieces and connected them to a key and a pencil. (You could also connect it to a door handle or something similar instead of the key.)
Then you simply start to turn the pencil around and around and around and around... until the yarns are tightly twisted. Then you can fold them in half and they will wist even more and you get a rope.
The girls made wristbands for everyone but you could use them also for other things.