easy wristband

We are back in Israel after our 6 weeks in Switzerland. I am very busy and most pictures are still not on the computer. I will write later a bit bout our time in Switzerland and how it was to come back to Israel.

Here I want to show you something we made on our last day at my parents house. I used to do this as a kid too and it is so easy even Helen (almost 3 years old) managed.

First we chose some yarn (and my mother has a lot to choose from) and then we cut equally long pieces and connected them to a key and a pencil. (You could also connect it to a door handle or something similar instead of the key.)
Then you simply start to turn the pencil around and around and around and around... until the yarns are tightly twisted. Then you can fold them in half and they will wist even more and you get a rope.
The girls made wristbands for everyone but you could use them also for other things.


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