Saturday, 23 February 2013

the clown and tinkerbell

Tomorrow is the big day. The costumes are ready and I made some pictures.
Helen is a clown. I took a red shirt from the 2nd hand and  added some self made buttons. The tulle skirt is very simple- just some tulle knotted to an elastic band (should have ordered a bit more tulle though).
Helen helped to make the paper hat- if you need an instruction you can find one here.

Neomi wanted to be Tinkerbell. I made the skirt from an old tunic from the 2nd hand and added some green tulle below (bit hard to see on the pictures). From an old shirt I made a cape. The wings we had at home. The hat Neomi sew herself- it is very simple to make- an instruction to something quite similar you can find here.
We added some feathers and some glitter. I love her costume and she thinks she will be "the most beautiful girl" tomorrow... well, I hope she will still feel the same tomorrow.
Last year we made pirate costumes and she really loved it until she met all the princesses, queens and brides in kindergarten...

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dynamochild said...

Lovely costumes! I like your idea of using second-hand clothes. The weather looks nice and fresh out there-- much nicer than our piles and piles of snow.