Wednesday, 25 February 2015

for my little nephew

The family is growing. My sister gave birth to a little boy last week. 
As it is custom in the part of Switzerland where they live, friends, family members and work mates "plant trees"- which is usually a long pole, sometimes with a little decorated tree on top, and a sign with the name and birth date of the small baby. It is expected that the child parents will invite the "tree planters" later on for a feast to honor the new baby. Sometimes you can see gardens full of those trees- very colourful.
It is a nice custom and I missed it with my 3 nieces. This time I thought we should make at least a sign and send it- see above.

I made a small mobile for the baby. A wooden sailing ship and connected to it fishes and jelly fishes from fabric, felt and ribbons. I loved doing it and I think it turned out pretty nice.

The idea for the jellyfishes I got from here. They are just great!

Monday, 23 February 2015

this and that

In Neomi's after-school care they started to sew little puppets and animals from old socks. Helen wanted also to sew something. With my help she made this red, adorable cat. Now she carries it with her to wherever she's going :-)

If the kids are bored they sometimes readily help to prepare dinner. Even Yotam, at 2.5 years, cut last week all the vegetables for the salad.

If it's not freezing and rainy outside, Yotam is at his best when he can work with his (or mostly his father's) tools outside- hammering, screwing, sawing, drilling- some of it for real, some just acting. Maybe he will take up his grandfather's profession and will become a carpenter one day ;-)

But lately there was a lot of rain and cold weather and we were mostly stuck inside the house. Playing cards (Ligretto, Elfer raus, Uno/ Taki), drawing, playing other things. Yotam loves this one game we have with magnets. He can keep himself busy for a long time with it. Last week I added a baking tray- hurray- even more possibilities. 

And... my little sister gave birth to her second child. A boy. I am happy and sad at the same time. Sad because once more I can't hold one of my sisters babies in my arms and watch her/ him grow... I will see him in summer... 4 months to go. I will show you pictures of what I made for him as soon as the parcel will rech my sister. Don't want to spoil the surprise in case she's reading this...

Thursday, 19 February 2015

paper airplanes

Neomi knows how to fold a paper airplane. 
Helen does not. 
So Helen requested that I will fold one for her and after some more research on the internet we tried out all kinds of paper airplanes and "flying objects". We had small competitions and lots of fun.
Above the winner-airplane that flew the best.

The flying ring- very easy to do and flying nicely too.

The "helicopter".