for my little nephew

The family is growing. My sister gave birth to a little boy last week. 
As it is custom in the part of Switzerland where they live, friends, family members and work mates "plant trees"- which is usually a long pole, sometimes with a little decorated tree on top, and a sign with the name and birth date of the small baby. It is expected that the child parents will invite the "tree planters" later on for a feast to honor the new baby. Sometimes you can see gardens full of those trees- very colourful.
It is a nice custom and I missed it with my 3 nieces. This time I thought we should make at least a sign and send it- see above.

I made a small mobile for the baby. A wooden sailing ship and connected to it fishes and jelly fishes from fabric, felt and ribbons. I loved doing it and I think it turned out pretty nice.

The idea for the jellyfishes I got from here. They are just great!


fjord girl said…
I love the name Lukas! Such beautiful gifts- I bet they will be cherished- you are so gifted.
sustainablemum said…
What beautiful gifts. I love the sound of the tradition of planting a tree, what a lovely thing to do.

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