in the sports hall

Since two days I don't feel very well- some kind of stomach-bug is bothering me. But so far today I felt okay. In the morning we took the girls to the sports hall with two of their friends. That's one thing I like about being here- something you could not easily do somewhere else. The sports hall is mainly used theses days for basket ball, table tennis and some festivities. Not much stuff is left, but enough to have some fun with the kids for a while- jumping on the big mattress, playing with balls, running around...
When the summer will be over and the swimming-pool will be closed, we plan to open it regularly on Fridays or Saturdays for the kids for a few hours.


Petra said…
I'm absolutely in love with this pictures of yours! Beautiful!
Darcy said…
These pictures are amazing. literally amazing.
Pünktchen said…
das sind bilder, wie man sie aus den amerikanischen jugendfilmen kennt :-) !!

hoffentlich bist du schon wieder ganz fit!

lieben gruß und schöne woche!

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