My parents came for a visit and so I don't really get to download pictures or write long stories- they will follow later on.
But here some links I wanted to share. Food-links.
In the past year I started more and more to look for new recipes on the net instead of "real" cook- books. There are so many wonderful blogs out there...

from call me cupcake- oh those wonderful cakes and pictures...
(in Swedish and English)

from foto e fornelli- I made this poppy-cherry-cake and it was delicious...
(in Italian and German)

from Matkonation- the one food-blog I follow the longest...great pictures and wonderful recipes.
(in Hebrew and English)

from Tartelette- heavenly, wish I would have the time and ingredients to try all this stuff... (in English)

from smitten kitchen- want to try those pancakes next weekend.
(in English)

And some more:

Sweet Paul (English)- he has a wonderful online-magazine
Photisserie (German)

Do you have some great food- blogs to share too?


Oh, mir läuft das Wasser im Mund zusammen!! LG Eri
polwig said…
I really want to try that Poppy Cherry cake...looks amazing
Petra said…
Nice links! Although I love to cook I do not follow any cooking blogs. I google for recipes though. Nigella Lawson is my favorite writer of cooking books.
stampedconcrete said…
great post .. looks do delicious .. love it ..

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