Friday, 28 October 2011


Yes, I am still alive... not quite myself though in the last days/ weeks. I will write a longer post about this sometime next week if I will get to it.

Here with a delay what we did last Friday. I printed with Neomi. I got the idea from another blog- but again I forgot from where. I should make better notes.
It was a fun activity and we could hardly stop making prints. I guess the pictures show quite good how we did it.

we used an old baking tray and gouache colours, spread the colours on the tray
With a cotton-ear-cleaning-thing we drew shapes, patterns into the colour- then put a paper on top, pressed it flat and removed it.

hanging to dry...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

some creative fun

While in Switzerland I found some foam rubber sheets (I guess that's how you call them- in German the material is called Moosgummi). I cut them into shapes and the girls could "glue" them with some water to the window. I saw this idea on another blog but just can't remember where exactly. It is a very nice activity and the shapes are also easy to take down and they leave no marks. You could also use them on the bathroom tiles for some fun during bath-time.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

handmade wedding items

The wedding of my sister was on a beautiful day and it was a very nice celebration. Weddings in Switzerland start usually shortly after lunch time with the ceremony in the church, with an "apéro"  (snacks and drinks) right afterwards for everyone who came to the church and later on the ones invited for the wedding party will usually move on to a restaurant/ hall/ private place to celebrate and eat dinner.
Here I want to show you some of the handmade items. I will show you the dresses I made for the girls later- hopefully I will find a good picture somewhere.

The beautiful bouquet my sister had (made by one of her friends sister)
I had similar colours and flowers in my bouquet when I got married.

The flowers they had on the car- Just loved the colours! (made by the same one as above)

The brooche I wore- bought on etsy from this shop.

The idea was mine, but my mother and middle sister sew the papergarlands...
must have been a lot of work! The lamps are from IKEA, attached to simple light bulb strings.

My mother and I sew all the napkins, I ordered the wooden buttons on etsy (here) and I stamped also the name signs.

My small sister (the one that got married) and her husband made the wooden signs and painted them black- my middle sister wrote the menue on all of them- she has a beautiful handwriting.

And- although not handmade- the bride's shoes.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Ah well... I have had so little time during the last week to do anything. I am very often tired and now I once again have an annoying cold.
But finally I got to sort out some pictures of our time in Switzerland. Here some from Lucerne.
My sister and her husband got married civilly there. It was a very short trip. We just walked from the train-station to the city-hall and went back to the train afterwards. I visited Lucerne a few times in the past and I wished we could have walked around a bit more. To enjoy the beautiful old houses, the beautiful weather, the lake... well- maybe another time.

I very much hope that I will have the power and time to post more often again and to visit other blogs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

my story- part 3

Yes- I am still alive. We were in Swizterland for two weeks and I did not spend even a second in front of the computer... I simply did not find the time for this.
Actually I wanted to post this last part of my story last week on our wedding anniversary. My husband and I went for a very nice walk in the mountains to celebrate the occasion.
Now I am back with loads of pictures to sort and loads of missed posts to read.
Here the 3rd and last part of my story:

I remember this first morning of work. I put on my working clothes and shoes, waited on the side of the road for a friend of mine who worked (and still works) in the avocado-orchard to pick me up. It was early- probably shortly before six, still a bit dark.
The van came, I got in and said good-morning to my friend and to the other guy- Or- sitting next to him in the front. I did not meet this other guy the two times I was in the Kibbutz before but I could tell that he was an "old" member of the "avocado-team".
After the usual black coffee and cookies we drove out to the orchard to pick avocados from some small trees. Since they were small you had to pick the fruits from the ground- without machines and it gave me plenty of time to chat with this "new" guy I never met before. Turned out that he was still in the army the first time I came and travelling in New Zealand and Australia the second time.
Yes- it was somehow love at first sight from my side :o)
After a few days I had to admit to myself that I was madly in love with Or.
After two weeks we started to meet after work to watch movies or to work for the Purim-party that was coming up.
After one month we were a couple and a week after I basically moved in with him. Everything went quite fast but of course if you work together you have plenty of time to get to know each other.
Me and Or in the desert- Spring 2003- shortly before I had to go back to Switzerland.

I stayed a bit longer than planed and then had to go back to Switzerland to sort things out. I looked for a job for the summer and Or came to visit for one month. I was very close to ask him already then if he would want to marry me. I just knew that he's THE guy. But I was also realistic enough to see, that it won't be that easy and that I would have to try first if I could really just leave Switzerland and live in Israel. Switzerland was not an option. Or did not have any profession yet and had to go and study first. He could not have worked in Switzerland and would not have got a visa. I on the other hand had a profession (although I can't really work as a teacher in Israel.) and I was able to get a working-visa for Israel if we could proof that we are a couple and live together.
So in October 2003 I moved to Israel.
I did not think in depth what it would mean. I was in love.
The beginning was hard. It was suddenly not just holidays anymore- it was real-life. I could not work in the beginning, I did not understand the language (only the very basic), I could not read and write (although I already knew the Hebrew alphabet- but Hebrew is quite different from German or French or English….), I missed my family and my friends, I often felt lonely.
But I started get over it. I started to work again in the Avocado-orchard after a while. I started to understand more Hebrew and later on learned the language better in a course (ulpan). I started to adjust. And I stayed.
In September 2005 we got married in Switzerland.
Things got easier. The language is not a problem anymore- although I am reading slow and writing is still a hard task but I get by. I made new friends.
Some things are still hard- I still miss my family and it hurts many times that I can't share my life with them. Especially that they can't see my daughters very often and it's also hard for me not to see my niece…. It's hard to think about the future- if something will happen to my parents or if they simply get old and I can't be there to help.
In my mind I am still not here for good- I did not yet give up the option of going back to Switzerland… only the chance is shrinking with every year that passes. I also have roots here now and for the kids the Kibbutz is a paradise.