handmade wedding items

The wedding of my sister was on a beautiful day and it was a very nice celebration. Weddings in Switzerland start usually shortly after lunch time with the ceremony in the church, with an "apéro"  (snacks and drinks) right afterwards for everyone who came to the church and later on the ones invited for the wedding party will usually move on to a restaurant/ hall/ private place to celebrate and eat dinner.
Here I want to show you some of the handmade items. I will show you the dresses I made for the girls later- hopefully I will find a good picture somewhere.

The beautiful bouquet my sister had (made by one of her friends sister)
I had similar colours and flowers in my bouquet when I got married.

The flowers they had on the car- Just loved the colours! (made by the same one as above)

The brooche I wore- bought on etsy from this shop.

The idea was mine, but my mother and middle sister sew the papergarlands...
must have been a lot of work! The lamps are from IKEA, attached to simple light bulb strings.

My mother and I sew all the napkins, I ordered the wooden buttons on etsy (here) and I stamped also the name signs.

My small sister (the one that got married) and her husband made the wooden signs and painted them black- my middle sister wrote the menue on all of them- she has a beautiful handwriting.

And- although not handmade- the bride's shoes.


Petra said…
What a wonderful wedding and how Nice it is when
friends and family contribute by handmade decorations and flowers!
Debbie Finnern said…
Thank you so much for mentioning my shop on your blog. I am glad you enjoyed the brooche!

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