Thursday, 24 November 2011

a birthday present

Helen's birthday is only in two weeks but to my own surprise I already managed to finish her present- a small bag where she can put her stuff for the day-care. It was the first time I did such a bag and there are a few minor things I would change next time- but I am happy with the result. The outer fabric is from an old cushion cover, the lining is from new fabric. The pattern I made (as almost always) myself.

I made the bias tape myself- also my first try. I used this tutorial and it is much easier than I though! Try it!
The inside of the bag- with another elephant and Helen's name.

I am at home- not only feeling sick because of the pregnancy but now also with a cold... so most of the day I am lying on the sofa, drinking tea...

Friday, 18 November 2011

marble art

Today after lunch I felt well enough to make something creative with the girls.
We laid some paper on the bottom of an empty shoe-box and an old baking-tray. Then we dropped a few drops of colour onto the paper and added a marble or two and let the marbles travel forth and back over the paper and leave their colourful marks.
Of course Helen very fast just wanted to paint with her fingers :o)
But Neomi and I made some nice pieces of art...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

etsy love

Ah well... I bought some more things on etsy today. There are just too many beautyful things to find there. I can't post pictures since some of the things will be gifts for Christmas.
Of course I would have loved to make some gifts myself (and some I hopefully will manage to make if I hopefully will feel well soon....). But then I won't manage everything. And since I prefer unique and handmade gifts- etsy is the perfect place. Even if the prices are sometimes a bit high for my budget (especially the shipping to Israel)...

Here some few new found treasures...

lovely arm warmers from homelab

sweet slippers from hydraheart

once again beautiful yarn from magnolia handspun

a dream... from peppermint pinwheels

Gorgeous mittens from ForMyDarling

would love to buy two of those reversible huts from my daugters... from Adrene Sews

Well- I am soon starting my weekend. It will be a hard evening since my husband is comming home very late (how the hell am I going to cook....?).

Sunday, 13 November 2011

the reason...

Okay- I guess I finally owe you some explanation why I hardly post anything anymore in the last weeks.
Well- I am 11 weeks pregnant... and since 5 weeks I just feel terrible- mostly towards the evening. In the mornings I feel quite okay so I can go to work without any problems. After work I take the girls from the daycare and I just have no energy and I feel sick, sometimes even have to throw up....
So, well.... no time for the girls, for my husband, for doing anything in the house, for being creative. 
My grateful-list has since weeks only one thing on it: my husband. He comes home after work and takes care of the girls, cooks, cleans and needs to spend the evenings all by himself because at eight I am asleep- together with the girls.
I hope that this won't last much longer and I will have time again to spend with the girls and my husband, to cook and be creative, to write posts and prepare things for Christmas and most of all- to finally look forward to this 3rd child.

Have a nice Sunday.

Friday, 4 November 2011

pyramid beanbags

Yesterday my niece turned 1. Unfortunately we could not celebrate with her... she's too far away. But I sent her a present. I made small pyramid beanbags for her. They are quite easy to make and look so much more fun than normal ones. Last Christmas I made beanbags for my girls- but normal ones (read here)- now they want pyramid beanbags too...
I used the this tutorial.

I also covered a shoe-box with vintage paper- an old map from Budapest and paper from an old, broken kids-book. Like this my niece already has a place to store the beanbags.

The colder season arrived to Israel now too... Yesterday we had heavy rain and today is a beautiful day with fresh air and lovely sunshine. The house is getting cold and we will have to dig out the heaters from the storage.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

something for Chrsitmas

It's only the beginning of November... but I already ordered some ornaments for the Christmastree and they arrived yesterday. Lovely, small, wooden figures to hang on our Christmas-Olivetree this year. When I was a kid we used to have similar ones and I always wanted some too. I found them on the etsy shop of ismoyo.

In the afternoon yesterday I sat with the girls on the sofa and we unwrapped those small treasures... it was a bit of a magical moment. Of course Helen thought that she can play with them and I had to disapont her.