etsy love

Ah well... I bought some more things on etsy today. There are just too many beautyful things to find there. I can't post pictures since some of the things will be gifts for Christmas.
Of course I would have loved to make some gifts myself (and some I hopefully will manage to make if I hopefully will feel well soon....). But then I won't manage everything. And since I prefer unique and handmade gifts- etsy is the perfect place. Even if the prices are sometimes a bit high for my budget (especially the shipping to Israel)...

Here some few new found treasures...

lovely arm warmers from homelab

sweet slippers from hydraheart

once again beautiful yarn from magnolia handspun

a dream... from peppermint pinwheels

Gorgeous mittens from ForMyDarling

would love to buy two of those reversible huts from my daugters... from Adrene Sews

Well- I am soon starting my weekend. It will be a hard evening since my husband is comming home very late (how the hell am I going to cook....?).


Petra said…
Thank you for the nice links. And goodluck with the the cooking issue. I would suggest to just bake an egg, but you probably can't stand the smell of it.
rahel said…
don't mention frying anything.... ;-)

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