end of may

The end of May is getting closer and so does giving birth. Unfortunately my husband got injured during a basketball game (at least they won) and now he's limping around the house on crutches... means he can't help much with the girls and daily chores and he can't drive the car... let's hope the baby is not in a hurry.
The "Shavuot" holiday is also getting closer and I made some hair-clips for the girls. You could call "Shavuot" the harvest holiday and it's my favourite holiday celebration in the kibbutz. (Some pictures from last year here and here)


Petra said…
The hairclips are lovely. How are you putting up with your last weeks? I always thought it was so heavy! That made giving birth all the more looking forward to. Wish you all the best. Bad luck that your husband injured himself. He should be spoiling you, onstead of you looking after him ;-).

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