liquid chalk

I found this activity on several blogs- like here and here and I gave it a try. It was a perfect activity for my girls- they loved it! You can do "liquid chalk" very easy by your own- you only need:

cornstarch/ cornflour (1 part)
water (1 part or a bit less)
food colour (mine was crappy and the colours were not very strong)

Then you can start painting, dripping, experimenting outside on the road...
Neomi kept saying how smooth her hands were from the colour and they liked to touch the dried chalk, step on it, scratch it away in the end...
It washes away very easy. That was for sure not the last time we made this and next time I will make a bigger amount to last longer.


Anonymous said…
That's wonderful! :) I'm glad they had as much fun with it as mine did. Thanks for the link. We had the same problem of not having enough to go around, so we ended up making more very quickly.
Darcy said…
do glad you liked the paint!!
this looks like fun! i am just recently starting to read these blogs and to blog on my own too - so I had missed this on the other blogs, so glad I saw it here. We have a great back patio that I am super excited to try this out on! Thanks! Shavuoa Tov!

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