body paint

I thought I will give body paint a try. Anyway it is hot and humid outside- and this is perfect for this weather...

I used:

2 tablespoons body cream 
2 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons cornflour

Just mixed everything together and started with the fun...
... Neomi turned very fast into a Smurfette- she loved it, Yotam basically wanted to eat the whole stuff- probably thought that it's yogurt, and Helen preferred to just rub her arms and belly slowly with the cream...

After they finished, I hosed them down. Because the body-cream was very oily, I also had to put them in the shower and use quite a bit of soap.
If you want to do this- use a cream that is not oily! Be also aware that some food colours are hard to get down... the blue we have is leaving stains!

We had a bit body paint less- I filled it into a zip bag for further sensory play... (like here and here)


riya hilton said…
The kids are enjoys the Body painting.

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