No nice pictures today- sorry.

Yesterday my husband picked up our new gasmasks.
I don't want those things in my house!
That's one big issue I don't like about living here. The thought of war and violence scares me- even more so now that we have kids.
I just can't understand why there's so much hate in some people, why there are people so hungry for power that they don't mind anything, people so blind because of some extreme "religeous" ideologies. Come on- get a life!
My husband said: "Don't worry- we'll send you to Switzerland."- HA- as if someone will give us prior notice that he's going to bomb us and that there will be a war. And even then- if I would leave everything and we would make it to the airport and on a flight to Switzerland- what, am I supposed to leave without my husband???

You people up there in high and important places- use your brains and make damn sure no one will ever have to use those terrible gasmasks! Move your asses and make sure we can all live in peace!
(okay- I know it's not that easy....)

Sorry for my outburst- just had to write this down...


Cold shivers are running down my back reading this. World news gets a face once it's brought back to human size. The contrast is so big. I think of Switzerland as probably the most peaceful country on earth, while Israel is confronted with violence on a daily basis. Think of al the good things life in Israel has brought you so far. Maybe it helps. Or else Swiss chocolate might do the trick! Hope you never have to use those loathed masks!
Ulla V. said…
Well done! Those word are so true!

I'm sorry that gasmasks have to be an issue you have to deal with in your everyday life. I definitely see why you are afraid - when war gets so close.

Have a lovely weekend and take care... :))
nic said…
oh wow. i hope you never even come close to needing those masks.

have a beautiful (and peaceful!) weekend, rahel.
Camilla~ Bloom said…
Oh gosh Rahel...you certainly make it real.
After 9/11 we moved our family from California to Montana - just to be in peace.

Hopefully they will be in a closet...never to be used!!!!
Pünktchen said…
ich kann deine angst gut verstehen. auch wenn ich es nicht nachvollziehen kann, denke ich.
darf ich fragen, seit wann bzw. warum du (noch) in israel lebst? ich meine: wenn die angst doch auch sehr belastet...

lieben gruß!
rahel said…
Thanks for the nice comments!
Nora: Ich lebe seit etwas mehr als 7 Jahren hier. Und irgendwie kann man auf einmal nicht mehr einfach so weg gehen. Es gefaellt mir sehr im Kibbutz, fuer Kinder ist es hier ein wahres Paradies. Auch wenn wir es uns manchmal ueberlegen, in die Schweiz zu ziehen- so einfach ist das nicht mit Job und Sprache etc...
Waere da nur nicht immer diese "Bedrohung"... aber man lernt auch damit leben.
polwig said…
Those things are scary looking even if you do not think about what the represent. I hope places like Israel can soon come to understanding just like Northern Ireland did but it all starts with education and opportunities.

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