Thursday, 31 October 2013

the (almost) first rain

I can tell you- when you have sunshine and heat for around 5 months a year you get really excited when the first rain comes! We had a few drops before, but today it rained over ONE hour. Time to take out the gum boots and head for the puddles... A first time for Yotam. The most attractive puddle was of course the one with the mud.
The girls went inside after a while but Yotam would not move one meter away from the water/ mud. In the end I had to lure him away with the promise of a banana....

We are looking forward for more rain and puddles and rain walks and puddle hopping.... 

on the sand hill

Some days ago there was some work going on in the Kibbutz- some electricity lines were replaced (or something like that) and on one of the parking places a pile of sand was placed. Great fun for the kids. They spent almost a whole afternoon digging tunnels, building castles and most of all baking beautifully decorated sand-cakes.

We planed to head out again to ride up and down the hill with the bikes, but as the work on the electricity line continued the sand disappeared.

Monday, 14 October 2013

almost jumping clown

A nice small activity- a "jumping jack"- or as we call this "Hampelmann".
I made a drawing of a clown and Helen coloured it. We glued the paper onto cardboard, cut out the pieces and connected them. You could add strings to make him move- you can find an instruction here.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

hunt the treasure... or something like this

Where is the above place? Well- you probably don't know- except if you live here in the Kibbutz. One day I made a walk through the Kibbutz and shot many pictures of all kinds of details. I printed them on paper and today we made a treasure hunt. The girls had to look for the places on the pictures and find the treasure there (we used small paper notes and in one place a bag of almonds for the break).
The girls loved them and they recognizes everything immediately  Next time I will have to use harder clues and maybe we will give the game a new twist....
Simple and fun and nice for all ages.

easy toddler activity

It's not always easy to find something nice to do for Yotam. He's one year and 4 months old and mostly keeps himself busy with all kinds of things (mostly dadys tools....), but sometimes he just wanders around. He's too small yet to really play with his sisters.
I found this nice and simple (and cheap) activity here and tried it today. I stuck two paper rolls to the fridge (lovely scratches, no :o) and gave Yotam pompoms (he loves them anyway) and wooden cubes to let them fall through the tubes. Later I added two more rolls, arranged in an angle.

Later on the girls plaid too and of course all pompoms got stuck (I mean- how many pompoms can you stuff at one time into the tube....)...