the (almost) first rain

I can tell you- when you have sunshine and heat for around 5 months a year you get really excited when the first rain comes! We had a few drops before, but today it rained over ONE hour. Time to take out the gum boots and head for the puddles... A first time for Yotam. The most attractive puddle was of course the one with the mud.
The girls went inside after a while but Yotam would not move one meter away from the water/ mud. In the end I had to lure him away with the promise of a banana....

We are looking forward for more rain and puddles and rain walks and puddle hopping.... 


Herrlich, liebe Rahel!
So wenig Regen und dennoch habt Ihr zum Glück Gummistiefel ;-)
In Pfützen pitscheln macht aber auch sooo viel Spaß.
Ganz liebe Grüße nach Israel

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