almost jumping clown

A nice small activity- a "jumping jack"- or as we call this "Hampelmann".
I made a drawing of a clown and Helen coloured it. We glued the paper onto cardboard, cut out the pieces and connected them. You could add strings to make him move- you can find an instruction here.


Karen said…
Rahel, what a fun project and Helen colored her "Hampelmann" so nicely! I wonder if you speak English or German to your children? Thanks for your tips for granola, You are lucky to have pecans! They will be in our supermarket in the winter :) Karen
rahel said…
Karen- I speak only Swissgerman to my kids. They do talk to me mostly in Hebrew- now and then with words or sentences in Swissgerman. As they get older I need to be more careful to not mix Hebrew into my Swissgerman... I used to speak English with my Husband, but now it's mostly Hebrew. There are moments when I find myself making a sencence with all three languages mixed into it.
Karen said…
After I left my comment I thought, silly me, of course they must speak Hebrew! My children often speak German to me, I try to be consistent speaking English but it's hard. Much mixing of languages here, too!

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