Nimrod Fortress

Some two weeks ago we went with the kids to the North- something we wanted to do since my husband and I spent a weekend there in November.

The plan was to arrive still in daylight and to be able to play a bit outside. But mainly due to traffic jams we arrived late.
We stayed in the Hermon Field school in Kibbutz Snir. It is a nice and simple accommodation. We got a small cabin, painted in white with bunk beds, a shower/ toilet and a water kettle/ fridge. The kids loved it.
We spent a cozy evening sitting outside, drinking wine with friends.

The day after we visited the Nimrod Fortress. I love this place… maybe it's the view or the history or a combination of both. The kids loved also to explore the site- the pond with the water, the narrow ancient stairs going down and down and down… The old game of Mancala- still visible in the stone, the prison and the escape tunnel.

It was a very hot, dry and dusty day- typical weather occurring in spring- so the view was not too good. Because of the weather we did not go hiking afterwards, but went for a walk in the Dan Nature Reserve- there's water and shade from the trees, it's green and the heat was bearable.


Very interesting. I like to visit such places, because of the history. I always feel than close to the people, which lived there once, and I get maybe a better understanding.
I wish you a nice day.

Many greetings

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