How come weekends are always so terribly short? I enjoy so much to be with my family. Over the last weeks I started to have a hard time (again) with the fact that I am working full time. I would so much like to stay at home with my girls and work only part time. But it is unfortunately not so easy to do. So I enjoy the weekends even more. And now we have beautiful autumn-weather so we can be outside a lot.
Yesterday I had some time to make nice beatles with my older daughter- inspired by "lovely design". Last year I made nice apple cards with Neomi. It is fun to stamp with potatoes and apples.

Besides this I had some time to be creative. I always start new things and have different projects running at the same time. One reason is, that I have no crafting space for myself. If I want to sew with the machine I need to do so on the kitchentable- and this is not something I can do during the day since we need the table for cooking and eating... so I prepare things and once in a while get the machine out to finish/ continue everything.
Above a picture of the beginning of a pillow case for my sister as a christmas present.


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