the baby is here

That's it- our little baby boy was born on Friday and since Sunday we are back home trying to find a new rhythm and getting to know each other better.
Yotam is a sweet little boy who looks much like his sisters. Neomi and Helen adore him (still).

Giving birth for a third time started okay and ended with two terrible hours trying to push this little boy out... but so fast you forget the pain and there's only joy left to see this little baby!
The hospital where I gave birth is not the most modern place (I am not talking about the technical/ medical things). Rooms are small and there's not much space to move...
But the staff is just great! They are so friendly, warm and helpful. And it's somehow nice to see how all those different backgrounds melt together- Arabs and Russians, Jews and Christians and Muslims and Ethiopians...

When we will be back on track I will start to blog more frequently again.


Anonymous said…
hallo ihr 5,

ich verfolge euren blog schon länger. jetzt gratuliere ich euch zu eurem sohnemann und wünsche euch eine gute eingewöhnung. ganz liebe grüße aus bonn (d), die jana.
rahel said…
Liebe Jana,
Herzlichen Dank! Es freut mich, dass du meinen Blog verfolgst! Wuensche dir einen schoenen Tag!
Petra said…
Dear Rahel

Congratulations! What a beautiful babyboy he is. And how spoiled he will be! I wish you luck, joy and happines and health. Enjoy. The littlest grow the fastest!
Darcy said…
Congratulations!!! He's beautiful!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! :) All the best to you and your family!
Liebe Rahel,
herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Eurem süßen Sohn! Das ging ja jetzt schnell :-) Hab noch gar nicht damit gerechnet.
Deine Mädels freuen sich sicher über ihren kleinen Bruder.
Meine kleine/Große bekommt im Herbst auch eine kleine Schwester ;-)
GAnz liebe Grüße
mazel tov and congratualtions! enjoy!
rahel said…
Thanks for all those kind words!

Melanie: Ich freue mich fuer euch! Deine Tochter freut sich sicher schon auf ihre Baby-schwester... Ich wuensche dir alles Gute!
Daan said…
he is beautiful
welcome little man:-)

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