the pecan tree

After waiting for something like 8 years, after planing and re-planing for around 2.5 years we finally seem to get closer to our new home.
Yesterday we cut our pecan tree. We love this tree. 
It gives a lot of shadow in the hot and long summers and a lot of nuts (I hardly ever need to buy nuts). The kids climb on it, we have a tire-swing on it, we have huge piles of leaves in autumn and jump into them.

We will tear down our side of the building and build new- but we wanted to keep the tree.
Now it looks empty and "naked"- but the tree will grow back.

Right now we still live in the lower apartment of this building (where the small roof is over the entrance and the wooden play-hut). In around 3 weeks we will move out so we can start to build. And then we finally will have a more space.


Frau Stadt said…
oh, das klingt spannend. ich hoffe, auf viele berichte.

habt ihr ein ungefähres einzugsdatum?
rahel said…
@Frau Stadt: Nein- kein konkretes Einzugsdatum- so etwas ist in Israel sehr schwer zu errechnen. Ich staehle schon Mal meine Nerven ;-)
Ich hoffe allerdings, dass wir etwa im September einziehen koennen.
vervlogen dagen said…
Good luck! Rebuilding is so stressful and yet so promising. We always kept saying: "this too shall pass"

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