a present from the kids


It was my husbands birthday this week and that's what I made with the kids as a present for him. He wants now more of them :o)


Preets said…
Hello there! I came across your blog while looking at children's craft ideas on the internet. I love this gift idea so very much and would like to do the same for my husband's birthday. If you see this comment, could you tell me what you used/how you did it? Is it just regular fabric paint? Did you apply it directly to the children's feet, and then press their feet directly onto the T-shirt? Or did you press their feet onto something else and then transfer the image onto the fabric? I am not very crafty at all, but I would love to attempt this, so any pointers you can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!
rahel said…
Hi Rob,

Thanks for your comment. I used regular fabric paint, squeezed some on a plastic plate and the kids held their feet into the paint and with my help they pressed their foot directly onto the t-shirt. Wash the T-Shirt before if it is new- this way the colour will hold longer and better. For the names I used ABC-stamps and ink for fabric (I bought mine on etsy). Hope you will be successful!

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