busy days

Our family and in the back you can see the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Hights.

We have some crazy days behind us and I fear that they are not quite over yet.
Yotam had an ear infection and we were in the hospital with him for 3 days. He was on antibiotics after this but last night he was crying again for hours and I really hope it is not the same again. Also Helen was sick with fever yesterday and I hope that today she will be all right (at least in the morning she was).

We had very stormy days last weeks with floods and snow (both not where we live) and loads of rain. It's cold- and that's the worst since our houses are not isolated, the windows have only one glass and a lot of times they let the wind in… The floor is freezing. I long for a warm fire!

My parents are here for a visit and we try to enjoy this short time together.

I feel like I urgently need one or two days off to get the house back into shape (means cleaning), to get all the things done that need to be done (mainly paperwork) and to finish the sewing I started (a dress I promised to Neomi, a blanket for the baby of my sister that is due now every day and some more)… and just a quiet minute with a hot tea on the sofa…

Snow in the Golan Hights- the clouds were spectacular... much more than on the picture
checking out the water and the green fields in the surrounding of the Kibbutz. Yotam is sleeping tied to my back.

Helen and my mother


Darcy said…
I hope you get your hot tea! I so know how it feels to just need a little time to yourself!

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