out in the fields

With a bit of a dealy some pictures from "Shavuot"- the harvest holiday. A day before the festivities we went to the fields with the tractor to watch the combine harvester.

Yotam really liked to watch this huge machine harvesting the wheat... funny little boy...

I like this picture of Yotam with his grandparents. My father in law is sick already for a long time (a combination of all kinds of things...Parkinson, Azheimer...). It's sad to see how a person can change that much and become almost a little child again. But somehow I am also happy for those moments we can still share.

And I love this picture of our three children :-)
I should try to get them together for more pictures... but one is usually running away and decides not to be in the picture...


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

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