self-made play dough

I read about this somewhere- well I forgot where- and it's simple and fun to try. Kept the girls busy almost one hour- except for the bit of fighting in the end, it was a success.

You will need an equal amount of corn flour and shaving foam- at least according to my source- we had to add quite a bit more shaving foam. You can add some food colour or leave it white.
I would recommend to do this outside.

The fun part starts already with pushing out the foam :o)

Helen liked it first and then she preferred to go and wash her hands while I mixed and kneaded.

How smooth! And it smells.... (because of the shaving foam)

In the end the girls made caked with the dough. They wanted to add dirt to create chocolate balls and they wanted to add flowers for decoration. I stopped them. I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap- hopefully we can use it again tomorrow.
The girls went on to make flower-grass-leaf-soups...

All the while Yotam was busy with the old phone cards- taking them out of a box and putting them back.... and throwing them to the floor.


Anonymous said…
Ahhh! I'm definitely going to try the shaving foam and corn flour with my toddlers. They'd love it!

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