fun with cloud dough

Ever heared of cloud dough? I did not before I saw it at "kiwi crates" (By the way- this looks like a great project, those crates!)
So I decided to try it with my girls. I made only a "small" amount. I don't really like to spoil food like this.
Take 1 part baby oil and 8 parts flour.
The mix can easily be shaped... a bit like playing with wet sand...
So far I did not throw the mix- they are still playing with it. Maybe I can re-use it and make play-dough.

Other than that? Yotam likes to explore the garden- eating flowers, tasting dirt, checking out the water hose...

The girls like to paint with watercolours, playing with the beads and all kinds of other things....

And my husband found a fun and fast way to sharpen the colour pencils of the girls.... with his driller :o)


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