water fun and some thoughts

I saw the idea somewhere and on a hot day, during our vacation in Switzerland, I mentioned this "sprinkler-bottle" to my parents. Not even an hour later my father emerged from the basement with a finished "sprinkler bottle" for the kids. They loved it!
Connect a plastic bottle to a whose, punch some holes and turn on the water!

So what more? My husband is still kind of immobile because of his teared achilles tendon. We spent almost 3 weeks in Switzerland- visiting my parents, sisters, brothers in law, nieces, grandmother, friends... Although we could not do everything we wanted because of the injury of my husband, we had a good time. Now I am left with hundreds of pictures and so far no time to sort them out....
Anyway. I am not sure how and if I will continue this blog for much longer. It is fun but it's also time consuming... So we will see.
Enjoy summer! (I am already looking forward to colder days.)


Liebe Rahel,
das ist ja eine geniale Idee!
Ich hab für Ellas Blumenfest so eine Rasensprengerblume gekauft. Die war der totale Reinfall. Muss mal deine Idee ausprobieren. Klasse! Danke!
Ganz liebe Grüße

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