I don't get to write too much in the last weeks. We are in the middle of planing our new home. We will combine our apartment with the one above us and add an addition. It's almost like building a new house. We will go from tiny apartment (approx. 64 m2/ 689 sqft) to huge (180m2/ 1935 sqft). We wanted a less huge house, but we encountered too many constructional problems that in the end we had to add from the outside stairs and in addition we have to build a sheltered room. 
Our apartment is too small right now- the kids need more space. But in the same time I am a bit scared from this new, huge space.
Anyway- there's a lot to plan and chose... In addition we need to move out for the time of the renovation. Should start to pack.

Will hopefully post something more creative soon.

Above and below two pictures of one of our Saturday-trips to the fields/ forest/ wadi. Still green. But we had only around a third of the rainfall so far. I have a feeling it will be a very dry year.


Liebe Rahel,
ein neues Zuhause! Toll! Jetzt weiß ich, warum du so viele Inspirationen zum Wohnen auf pinterest sammelst ;-)
180 qm sind ganz schön viel, aber die füllst du sicherlich mit vielen Ideen.
Ganz liebe Grüße nach Israel
rahel said…
Melanie- genau... pinterest macht zwar auch sonst "suechtig"- aber ich habe vorallem damit angefangen wegen dem Um- und Anbau.
Wuensche dir einen schoenen Tag,


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