The Shavuot holiday passed, also Yotam's 2nd birthday and the long summer is ahead.
In the Kibbutzim Shavuot is mainly celebrated as a harvest holiday. It's the time when the grains are harvested. We went with the kids to take a look in the fields near the Kibbutz how the combine harvester worked. At one point the driver stopped the harvester and my husband and the kids could join him for a round- which was of course very exciting for them.

Neomi and Helen searched among the straw for still intact wheat. At home they separated the grains and tried to make flour with mortar and pestle. It was no big success though. We would need a grinding stone or mill.

We also went to a sunflower field. A tractor pulled by accident a fence with him and fell some sunflowers before they were ready for harvest. The kids picked out the still soft seeds and ate them. We got permission to take two big sunflowers home and we kept on snacking the seeds straight from the flower.


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