a princesse doll

Helen's birthday is comming up. She wished for a Rapunzel doll. Well- for her, Rapunzel is the one from the movie and she has blond hair. I asked her if she would mind, if it would be a princesse with brown hair (since I only have brown wool at hand)- and that's what I made her.

There's a very talented doll maker from Spain- I guess her name is Ana- and I just love her dolls. I let myself inspire from her work and I am quite happy with my prototype.. some things I would have to change next time (If there will be a next time- but I have a feeling that neomi will want a doll too). The head is a bit asymetric and I would make it a bit bigger.

You can check out Ana's work here. Be warned- her dolls are BEAUTIFUL!

I made a collection of clothes- like pants and dresses, skirts and socks, shawls etc for the doll, in case the princess is getting bored of her crown and princess-dress. :-)
I am not sure yet, if I should braid the hair or not...


Karen said…
Your Princess is fabulous! What a lucky daughter. She will treasure this! Happy Advent and book reading :) xo K
gretel said…
Oh wie zauberhaft und besonders. Wie gemacht für kleine Mädchen.
Liebe Grüße
Darcy said…
This is incredible!! Gorgeous!!
Casa del cuore said…
Wow! Die Rapunzel sieht toll aus!!! Da wird deine Tochter stolz drauf sein können :-)!!!

I don't have proper words to tell what I feel. This princess is such a gem! I hope she loves it!

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