magnetic pinwall- an idea for a present

Now that Christmas is over I want to show you the Christmas presents the kids made for their grandparents/ godmothers and godfathers.
The magnetic pinwalls are very simple and can be done even with smaller children.
We took metal plates/ sheets that we arranged from a metal-workshop in town. I thought to use baking trays but it was hard to find and expensive.
The kids chose fabric and we cut the fabric to the size of the metal sheets- leaving some spare on each side.
I made glue from flour and water and we brushed the metal sheets with it.

We then glued the fabric onto the metal.

We cut the edgesof the fabric so it could nicely be folded in.

Et voilĂ - just fold in the edges and leave to dry and the wall is finished.

The magnets can be done in various ways. We had some small wooden cubes left at home and we had some tiny, very strong magnets.
The kids painted the cubes (well- more dipped them in colour after a while when they did get fed up with painting them carefully)
And when the cubes were dry we drilled tiny holes and fitted the tiny magnets in. 

I loved the result. It is something nice and usefull to give as a present. I will make one for us too- maybe bigger and I have some other projects going on using fabric to cover wooden shelves.

And I forgot- we drilled two holes into the metal sheet so it can be nailed to the wall.


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