We had a busy week. Last Wednesday was Purim- the biblical story of Esther is being told and everyone is dressing up. The week was full of events and it was way too much. I would have preferred to have everything concentrated to one-two days. I don't see the point in spreading out a holiday that lasts one day to a full week.

Anyway- Neomi wanted to be a Minion. She helped to create her costume and I think it turned out very nice. We used a wire construction covered with foamed rubber. For the head Neomi made a "helmet" from papier-mâché that we connected to the wire construction and covered with foamed rubber too. Some old jeans were used for the overall.

She won the first prize in school from all the 2nd class kids for the most unique costume.

Helen was a princess. I sew a nice dress for her, a cape and a small bag. The crown was store bought. She loved it. (Even though the other girls had store bought dresses. They are hard to compete with even if I personally prefer the handmade)
Yotam was a builder- I made a tool-belt and he used a helmet we had at home. Anyway he's always "fixing" things and walking around with his tools…
I threw together some old stuff I found at home and dressed up as a clown.
My husband and I went to the party for grown-ups as bats- but I have no pictures to post.


fjord girl said…
Oh you are a creative and fun bunch! I can see why she won 2nd place- that takes some imagination and determination- awesome costume!

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