From somewhere I rescued once two small blackboards. Yesterday the kids re-discovered them. Yotam is not much of a drawer or painter- the girls at his age already created nice drawings. But yesterday he enjoyed to draw circles and even patterns- I was happily surprised. He even wanted to learn how to write his name and apart from the "A" where I helped a bit he managed by himself.

Helen can't wait to start 1st class (3 weeks to go). Since weeks, even months, she is so excited and in the last days she intensified her interest in learning to read and write.
In Kindergarten they learned the Hebrew letters (their names and how they look) and she's starting to "connect" them and is trying to read (Which is not so easy in Hebrew because some letters can have different sounds- not like in German where each letter has a certain sound and there are only a handful of rules in order to know how to read).

She's also learning the latin letters. Once I drew a poster with all letters and the girls use it quite often if they don't know how a letter looks like.
Helen is already managing to read and write easy words. I love to be part of this process.


gretel said…
Das ist so schön, wie die Kleinen lernen möchten und die Umwelt erkunden. Ganz zauberhaft! Da wünsche ich einen guten Schulanfang!
Liebe Grüße

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